664 Mersin 4

- Mon : internet

- Tue : lecture for Melmets class.. but teacher was sick so most students had left ..so no buzz

- Wed : Erdemli met Batu's friend Ozan..and then 3 archaelogical sites Akkele then 2km + 3km hitch to Kanlidivane then back to main road and 2.5km to Ayas. Amazing to think about the thr ancient civilizations that wrre here : Greeks, Romans & others.

- conversation club : bit rainy only 6 people

- Thu : dumb 1. They sent that warning after 33 days in the country, guy at the shop he said sorry you are too late the registration has to be done within 30 days. 2. anyway you first have to go to tax office and pay 100Tl tax

- Fri : Tarsus ..Pooya was on the same train. ..Its got a lot of mosques and s lot of history but modern city destroyed the ambience

- Sat : Mersin old town I got down at opera and walked to Pasani Bazaar ..around old town up to Toroslar and ancient city at Yurutepe hill then around the north side of Forum Mall to Akkent.

- Sun : Solis beachside BBQ .. We were 2 hours in the supermarket and didn't get there until 12.45pm and the American walker Matt & Malih had arrived way ahead of schedule so they had already left Solis by then... so a real pity that we missed meeting them..I .. that was going to be the highlight of our day. I'll go along tomorrow, but most people said they can't come.

Wed : Kanlidivane

Wed : Ayaş

Fri- Tarsus

thousands of tonnes of concrete in this ancient temple

Fri- Pizza

sat : walking Old mersin

Thu - English Conversation Club
Fri - Messing About at the Bakery
sat -

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