:I like you even if we disagree
A lot of people expect me to agree with them and are surprised when I don't. e.g. They are sure their country is the best in the world etc.

I think travel is about challenging our prejudices not reinforcing them. We think we know about something, cos we read about it or saw it on TV, but when we experience something we understand it much better.
- Travel brings us closer to the truth.

Perspective 1. - Can't see the wood for the trees effect. -You can't understand your own country without leaving. To understand you have to travel outside and then you can understand better. The more places you have to compare it against the better.

Perspective 2 : who you are A beautiful woman travels to a place and finds the people very friendly.
A guy from a cold country - visits the same place and complains about the heat

Perspective 3 : your past experiences A man who has visited only Holland might be impressed by the mountains in France, but if the same man had been to Nepal first then he would have a different feeling

if I didn't like it I say I don't like it
I try to be honest more than diplomatic. People who haven't travelled tend to believe that their hometown is the best place in the world or that it is really terrible, but a visitor sees it with different eyes. Me I have usually been to somewhere, bigger, hotter, cheaper.. before. I don't like most places ..Everywhere these days is either backward or full of 20th century consumerism. Anyway I tend to be more realistic than romantic in my comments. E.g. One imagines it to be the pefect beach and it looks good in a photo, but when you arrive it's too dammed hot, the sea is dirty and the bloody sand gets everywhere !

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