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- Mon : Meet Matt the American walking across Turkey..@Yaprak Tantuni + Kunefeci Emin WE can come and talk to him about his walk across Turkey to Iran . yes WALK by foot not bus !

- Tue :

Wed : PHONE FIXED .. a good repair man from San Urfa just fixed the oxid problem on my phone .. (I'd dropped it in the water) so I put my Turkish number back in that old phone ..- since my smart phone is now banned from working with a Turkish SIM ...Friday I fixed the vacuum, Tuesday I reinstalled windows 7 on Cemils laptop, Wednesday got the phone fixed tha's .3 steps forward .. İ'll wash the dishes up with hot water ..hey .what's that smell ? .. damm I burnt the bottom off the kettle now ..gotta buy another one tmw ... 1 step back

- Wed : 5.30pm - I was attacked by bull in the city in Poscu ...weird as I walked onto the main road I saw a youth trying to herd a young bull off the busy urban 6 lane road I took the side of the pavement so we could get it onto a sidestreet. I an not afraid of bulls so I slowly advancd but the bull didn't want to go back ot just suddenly charged me ..it touched me as I stepped aside. The other bloke hid behind a large bin ..aftwr a while the bull decided to charge me again. Again it touched me and I cut my finger as I stepped behind the bin.Now the cow was back behind me in the middle of the road .. Now there loads of people so I. just l left them to it they weren't getting anywhere.. they needed a rope.

- Thu : conversation club rainy and evryone was busy

- Fri : Fri - Cemil invited me to his football game at the universıty his psychology class vs doctors .. they lost, but met some friendly students Kurdish including some Zaza a Kurdish ethnic group who have a different language (Wiki say there are 1 million + Zaza) .. Then back at house we ate cigarette boreck ..with 2 of Cemil's classmates (photo) .. and then some of Mehmets Hatay Arab friends came around

- Sat - I was in the centre of Mersin we were supposed to have a meeting, but Inge had some problem she had to go to Antalya instead. and Atilla went to class So we are eating lunch at Sanaz apartment - I went to see the people at Meshur Tostçu a nice fast food place, but they were just closıng when I arrived & invited me for coffee

- Sun : Soli

Wed : Kanlidivane

Sun - walked Soli to Solis Pompeipolis ruins. Met up with Irem, discovered The Wood Bistro where students play folk music and we ended up at Kerem's house where Tahir was playing accordian.
- The normal amazing hospitality from Suraiya & Kerem.. and their interesting heated carpet from Mardin.
... DETAIL - rainy day I went up to Soli to look for the Meshur Tostçu place.. I didn't find it so I walked back along the coast to the Solis Pompeipolis ruins. Now I realised what happened last week We didn't see Matt at our BBQ cos he had left Solis before we arrived.. but actually he called me from Soli Mall which is 2Km before Solis.. so we thought he had left the area, but he hadn't even arrived.
- Irem phoned me so we went for tea ..at a place I have discovered The Wood Bistro http://www.facebook.com/WoodBistro
..the students there were practicing folk music and when Irem mentioned she wanted to meet other accordian players I phoned Tahir .Straight away Karim phoned me ..cos actually Tahir was at his house playing accordian ..so we went around there ..
- The normal amazing hospitality from Suraiya cooked chicken especially for us.. They have an interesting heated carpet from Mardin.

Video of Tahir playing

Wed : Ayaş
Thu Mehmets's Surprise Birthday Party

Fri- Pizza

sat : walking Old mersin

Thu - English Conversation Club
Fri - Messing About at the Bakery
sat -

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