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Turkish you already know mostly phonetic spelling

moedani - square like medan in Arabic
Goodbye! Allahasmarladk!
Görüşürüz! .. See you!
Nasılsınız? .. How are you? (formal)
İsminiz? .. What's your name? (formal)
Görüşürüz! .. What's your name? (formal)

Güle güle - Said by those staying
"c" is pronounced "j"c jam ..
ç = charm
i = E tea

ü = oo fruit
ö =ur turd
ı not dot =e ğ is in most cases a silent letter.

Eyvallah - Has two more meanings: Thanks (with gratitude)
..goodbye for now

kedi cat
adam= MAN but ev= HOUSE
no baby = bebek yok
öğretmen = A teacher
- when = ne zaman
oda = room
okul = school
Yok çocuk A child

Bu okul This school

Şu okul That school

O masa That table
Make IS by suffix
O bir okuldur. That is a school.
O bır öğretmendir

Ending depends the vowel
ev e i = dir
öğrenci i i = dir
göz ö ü = dür
gül ü ü = dür
kökü ü ü = dür
examples :
benzina - petrol
şhehEr = city
shekker = sugar

0 = s e f e r
1 = bEEr
2 = EKEE
3 = ooch
4 = durt
5 = besh
6 = alt-e
7 = yedi
8 = sekEZ
9 = dokus

10 = on
20 = yirmi
30 = otuz
40 = kurk
50 = ell-E
60 altm-ush
70 = yetm-Esh
80 = seksen
90 = doksan

100 = oosh
1000 = bEEn

Most of thıs page ıs under construction
camera doppia - double room
tesh-a kulla= Thankyou

benne = gazel
evet= yes, yok= no
parlo Italiano - speak Italian ?
andando - travel, caminando - walk, a piedi - on foot

Others phonetic spelling
mi excusi = excuse me

- GOOGLE Translate Turkish

In Mersin half the population are refugees from other places : ethnic Kurds, Syrıans and Arabs..and people from the colder places in the country lıke the Black Sea
..So in some areas Kurdish is the norm :
Roj Bash - G Mornıng,
Ewar Bash,
Shev Bash
..Spas for thankyou and goodbye
- Chaara - goodbye
: but Kurds often speak different types of Kurdish or completely different languages altogether

There is this strange imperialism of English coming into Italian language

Safer than most most, but the usual sleazy men chasing foreign ladies ??? maybe
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Turkey HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff
- FCO Warnings for Turkey ..Azerbijan need a visa

- Tbilisi Info, Tbilisoba Festival , Tbilisi Events mostly commercial
- Thursday in Asia Town Restaurant 8pm : Mafia wars is a role play game, where some people around the table play the parts of secret mafia hitmen and the rest of the people have to guess who they are)
- British Council next to Prospero's Books sponsors some events

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )
- See Tbilisi Language Exchange
- Babel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends. - no group find

- Mersin Tourist Office ERSİN Bulvar Caddesi., Otogar Girişi P/3 lıst of Turkısh Tourıst Info offıces

Books : don't have PDF of latest LP
- Always read the series "Culture Shock" it's great for background
- LP Turkey has more

Tourist map - but LP Google map is better

Couch Surfing Forum (sometimes hidden on FB)
- Turkey
Check subgroups for province and sub sub for cities
- Mersin
- FB Couchsurfing Adana Mersin
- CS Georgıa Wiki, CS Tbilisi Wiki
Tbilisi - no regular schedule

CS camps can't find thenm anymore

TRIP ADVISOR bit spartan
- TA Turkey forum
- TA Tbilisi Activities

- I just looked at http://wikitravel.org/en/Mtskheta it's not as good as the LP and I can see stuff missing in the LP

- VT Turkey OK
- VT Turkey Forum Tbilisi Forum also not much

Accommodation not in guidebook
- there are at least 30 hostels in Tbilisi ..most high prices, bu can haggle down to 15Gel

Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : NOTHING
- Science - maybe festival in Spring
- skeptic - NOTHING
- freethinkers - NOTHING
- secularist - Tbilisi Secular University "Metekhi" but nothing on wev
- Humanist - NOTHING
- brights - NOTHING


- wherevent.com/search/Turkey/Mersin

MERSIN Forum on turkeycentral.com
- MERSIN on turkishclass.com
- MERSIN Forum on merhabaforums.com 4 posts


kariyer.net very popüler,
yenibiris.com very popüler
kariyerzirvesi.com ı have no idea
isvar.com ı have no idea

Search with "English"
- wwoof & helpx.net not checked
- British Turkey chamber of commerce

expat forums Events, ..
- Good links from British Turkey Society On FB
- alloexpat.com not much
- No Turkey Forum

- teachers forums

Jobs checked
From Helpx.net

- WWOOF - nothing for me

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries
- Get a Free ID card from the side of the National Library then There is an American Corner Library across the street in the Parliamenatary library

- TSU British library

Checking English language newspapers
- GOOD messenger.com.ge not much
- Turkeytoday.ge - biggest
- a href=http://www.Turkeynjournal.ge/>Turkeyn Journal (Tbilisi), weekly English-language tabloid alia (Tbilisi)
- messenger.com.ge/ bit empty
- FINANCIAL (Tbilisi), weekly English-language newspaper ..OK website ..empty forum
- The Turkeyn Times (Tbilisi), no events etc.

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