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Work plan : My teaching Style

- Facebook help .. yes most people here in Turkey have the idea that they need a lot of hours with a teacher. Whereas I would say no, my job is to point the student in the right direction so that they can go off alone and get many hours of experience by watching TV, reading writing their diary

- Usually I charge a lot per hour (26 Euros) : but instead of giving students 10 hours of class I specialise in coming up with strategy plans like sending them to do 8 hours of reading & writing on their own and then come back to me for a 2 hour class so that they pay for less classes.

- Plan so maybe I will be around Mersin offering consultancy help in English learning / Travel and Internet

My English Conversation Club Idea

One idea I will start with is the English Conversation Club Facebook Discussion

www.ello.org English lab material

The problem of Organising CS meetups
Someone said : "CS meetups are difficult to organise in Mersin"

- Sometimes People join CS to misuse it for dating. Otherwise mostly others join mainly so they can get a free room when they go to London next year ..so they don't think to come to a meeting in their home town.

..but actually if they did come they'd meet a Turkish person who'd just come back from the UK and have some good tips
.. and perhaps they'd meet at the meeting a UK person who comes from a village.
..aswell as fun and good local networking.

Planning the Club

- Good to see people are interested ; often just coming top a meetup can be like travelling to foreign countries without the trouble of getting a ticket & visa.

Re the day & location : I have experience in these things. Weekend is not good cos you can't practice English in a party bar, so it's not a weekend party type meetup.. we need a quite place that's why midweek is good.
However we do want to have an atmosphere of relaxing, beer & chat that's why I choose a cafe/bar and not a classroom environment.

- I didn't specify the venue, because maybe somebody has a good suggestion .. and there seem to be lots of reasonable cafes up here near to the Citrus festival park.
(We can have other CS party type meetups at the weekend aswell.)

- In other places CS meetups are great places to get good tips from Turkish people who have just travelled and also have cultural interchange with foreign guests who may become potential hosts when you travel.

looking for homestay

I teach English & I am in Mersin Turkey looking for homestay Southern Turkey Expert in English/Internet/Travel homestay in

I used to homestay with a family in Japan so this idea is not new to me This is Stew Green a crazy English guy who has travelled to 111 countries doing 150 strange jobs in 150 countries including teaching English in 7.

I have qualification in Electrical Engineering, but often work with internet, farms, festivals and giving special lectures about travel aswell as doing crazy jobs like being in Chinese movies (one time with Jackie Chan), being paid to watchfootbal, sit in a jacuzzi, be Santa Claus etc.

- My Plan is maybe to be around Mersin offering consultancy help in English learning / Travel and Internet.

Thu - English Conversation Club
Thu - First meeting of the conversation club went OK ..we were 15 people.

Fri - Messing About at the Bakery

Fri - 23rd Mehmet sent me down to the Akkent Kurdısh bakery to get the fish cooked ..so I was foolıng round wıth the people who work there again

Mehmet wıth the fish

- Fri : messing about in the kitchen doing arm wrestling see the Facebook videos

sat -

- Sat : was day I dropped my phone down the toilet... Gul cafe

- Sun 25th We had another meetup in Mezitli with Onur. Then me and then Mustafa took me to the cafe to try smokıng nagila pipe... and meet his friends.

-Sun 25th : Messing about in Akkent Kurdish Bakery again

- Mon 26th : Yunas took me to the Forum shopping centre Bowling

.. his friends said "who is this old man ..wearing the terrible clothes ?"
and to see Meltem's class

- Tue : day of Ms presentation at ..free wifi

- Wed : Went up to see Cemel's friends

- Thu : 2 conversation club meeting : we started really slowly but in the end had 8 people so 11 people in total.. Mehmet's aunt. visited

A "Knock knock" joke "Knock knock"
"... open the door .. you just made a joke about the X government (e.g.Chinese) ..and we are the police !"

- we had 11 people at the English conversation Club .. it started slow so we need to discuss starting tıme/day etc. ..then 2 or 3 people had to leave early ..but we ended up being 8 people playıng some fun games. I just created a group to dıscuss future events etc. Facebook Discussion English Conversation Club

Fri - NOT "The New professor at Mersin University'" .. just me & Tahir messing about in the office

- Fri : Internet eat with Ayse & Sedica

Ayse & her friend/colleague Sideka eating the special Mersin food called "mother & daughter" (mother : kofte covered in dough, daughter : same but smaller and vegetable)

- Sat : internet and walking

Sun - The 3rd Meeting : English Conversation Club

- Sun - more internet. Then to conversation club at Atilla's house...


- Mon : internet, rain

- Tue

- Wed : conversation club breakast 9am

- Thu : meeting 11 people - played mafıa etc

- Fri :

- Sat : meetup at İranians house

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