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Tue 20th Mehmet found some Polish hitch-hikers in the street
- Fırst I went wıth Melmet to the Akkent Kursdish Bakery to cook the food ..this is a Hatay tradition

Wed 21st - Dinner on the fishing boat

- we went to meet Tahir's cousin Muneer (the redhead) who works with has brother on one of restaurant boats in the marina.

- looking for Newcastle Pub I found hidden away behind an apartment block an archaelogical site. I guessed straight away it must be the mound with the Solis Roman Theatre

Toroslay School

Thu : Visited Ilkers School in Toroslar suburb. Popped into 2 classes for 20 minutes each and and also 1 entire class. Wow the playground was a bit crazy, but it was an interesting experience. - presented me with a big bunch of flowers ..thanks snd good luck guys Thu - First meeting of the conversation club went OK ..we were 15 people.


- Some one should start a MSE www.moneysavingexpert.com/ site for Turkey : the economy seems loaded with cartels and ripoffs. And normal people have little financial education so rte easily brainwashed into spending and getting into debt.

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