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UPDATES WARNING - I tend to look forward so today I do today's stuff and planning today/tmw and the future weeks ..updating blogs happens has a lower priority, there maybe updates on StewGreen on Facebook or StewGreen on Twitter, before they are archived here on my website

2014 Campervan Travel without the campervan : hitch-hike/walk/hammock/freecamp

My new system of super-low-cost & flexible travel Special THANKS to all the kind people who shared : those ride givers & CS hosts

My 2014 Route :
- Week 1 Brussels to Brittany
- July Week 2-5 Neolithic Monuments of Brittany
- August 2014 : Neolithic Monuments of Scotland
- Sept Week 2 : British Science Festival in Birmingham
- Heritage Weekend to home
- Now checking thru events at the Autumn Science/Literature festivals ..see 6 pages of listings from 759

Before this see the : 2013-2014 Winter hanging out in Madeira Pages not updated yet ...found no work, but help bust a $1bn pyramid scam
: UK 2013 Tour & Festivals
: 690 South Cyprus 2013 Index


My Opinions
1. UK Winter came in August
2. UK property markets are in hyper-ponzi mode

Wow The Beards from Adelaide are doing European tour

Go see them won't regret it !
Thu 20 Nov - Sat 6 Dec Northern Europe
then UK Ireland until December 18th

See My UK Links Dashboard

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