Brussels to Brittany .. July 2014

Week 1 : Brussels to Brittany

What is really France and what is really Flemish land ..and the lands destroyed in the world wars by Germans and then by British again to liberate them

The ticket from Madeira to Brittany was expensive, but I saw a bargain ticket to Brussels with Thomas Cook Belgium so I took that option and decided to hitch across to Brittany :

1. The canal boat lifts of La Louviere, Arras France , but this town looks like Bruges
Huge Canadian war memorial
- The bar used a movie set
Doullens the old bordertown between the France and the Flemish/Spanish kingdom
Staying with kind Belgium guy
- Bad hitching from Rouen and the highways south
Sunday - Alencon
Monday - Laval of many well preserved medieval towns. They were rich, but stay the same as before the industrial revolution cos the French lords decided they didn't need to industrialise like Britain cos the wages were cheap their business died

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