Santa In other Cultures

Are you sure you at the right place ?
should be here ?
What type of person are you ?

1 Wouldn't you prefer to be playing on my gameboy ? Yes ..bye bye
2 Are you sure you have prayed enough ? No, then ..Yes, then bye ..bye
3 Are you looking for hardcore porn ?
............. Yes, then bye bye go and look at Paris Hilton's blog or something
4 Are you a grown up person who understands Adult Humour Yes, then .. continue.

It's amazing how little people know about the cultures of other countries. Almost every one knows about the jolly red suited Coca Cola Santa Claus in America and Europe, who tours the world in his sleigh delivering presents to the good children .. but they don't know that other countries don't have the Santa Claus Legend they have something else ...

1. From Frieseland Holland
- The story of Santa Khock

2. From Tatar Republic
- The story of Ms Santa Khunt

which strangely appears in the Latin American Caribbean as the legend of La Santa Nickerless