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- I often find myself helping people and I like to do that, but since it seems to take up a lot of my time and I have no other job I think I should put up a donation button. So I have decided to list all my new tips on this new blog.

- Coincidentally I was talking to the Edinburgh University prof about the old style Lonely Planet and how they have moved so far away from the "On a shoe-stringstyle that they used to have. He said now someone should create a guidebook in that style now LP have stopped doing that. I realised that a lot of the info I put up is already that so I will list that on this blog.

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So much Irrationality

Making sense of this crazy world ... I reproduce some common tools from my Irrational World blog
- Resist the temptation to see the face in the wallpaper. If you don't know accept you don't know . Don't jump to conclusions. Particularly accept the world is full colour complex not black & white simple.

VERY USEFUL - Great FORUMS for checking for information before buying anything

VERY USEFUL Shoestring Travel Advice
Like Lonely Planet used to give

OK I have a A General Travel Tips Page and I put some travel info on the index page for each country here

..The best wiki to store such information used to be the CS Wiki, bus for some strange reason CS closed it down now I put answers to FAQ at Hitchkiki or from

a phrasebook wikis
- Western_Europe_phrasebook
- other areas

- best site for ferry info

DIRECTORY of STORIES newest at the top

- 23 Environment in Borneo 12/11/2015

- 22 Highlighting Harra's Disinformation 12/10/2015

- 21 "2+2=5 Thinking" means
Phantom Info is inserted by people's brains

- 20 Temporary Diabetes 31/10/2014

- 19 Pity people stuck in green tunnel : BBC IT Waste 20/5/2013

- 18 Radio Stuff , Stanislaw Burzynski 20/5/2013

* all updated Oct 2013
In May 2013 I moved Climate Stuff to the Reality Check Blog
- Latest one 71. there are 20 other recent ones

- 17 More Bad Science 20/5/2013
- Ed Yong etc.

- 16 BS of the Day 20/5/2013
- on-being-certain Even if you are wrong

- 15 Permaculture Failure 20/5/2013
- on-being-certain Even if you are wrong

- 52 Debunking Fracking Scares 20/5/2013
- Fracknation

- 14 Certainty Debunked 20/5/2013
- on-being-certain Even if you are wrong
-This neuroscience .consistant with explaining "denier shouter" thinking

- 13 DW & Brain Science POdcasts 20/5/2013
- Turkey has State Brothels !

- More Bullying in The USA Mad Mann at TAM 20/5/2013

- 12. TED Stuff - 20/5/2013
- learning from mistakes
- cultural cheats costs, we value things strangely, we over emphasis the results of choice , and choice actually makes us unhappy
- Breed Ideas by facilitating Collaboration, by valuing introverts, sobering up caused the Industrial revolution
- simplify laws
- create the culture for people to be good

- 11. No Freedom to Doubt: 1950 GOD * 2008 Global Warming - Climate 12/5/2013
Bullying in The USA by Argument from Authority
Penn Jillette - BULLIED TO BELIEVE in the USA ..1950 God 2013 CAGW
- When you compare belief in God and CAGW you realise both are just an appeal from authority FALLACY
- I found a major error in Wikipedia

- 10. Headlines, much bigger than the story. - Climate 10/5/2013
- 400ppm, & "Ice Free"

- 9. Ideas & Podcasts 8/5/2013 Long Journey of ideas
- Busting Myths : stroke is an auto-immmune problem
- ABC Laughs at Science Outsiders, - when science itself is usually wrong
- Penns's new show

- 8 Games on Climate Change Blogs - Climate Stuff 9/5/2013

- 7. More Science Podcasts
- "Foreign volunteering like working at ophanages is a negative"
- Science of regrowing limbs etc.
- Paleofantasy - The past is a ROMANTIC PLACE

- 6 Media Manufacture a Public Consensus by only Airing Activists - ClimateBlog 5/5/2013
.... and it all matters cos Truth matters.
- BBC Bigs Up Flannery saying "China Goes Green"... but Biggest Solar Goes Bankrupt
- From March : New MARCOTT Hockey Stick HYPED ..then DEBUNKED

- Bitcoin & The darkWeb
- Bitcoin should have no rarity value.
- TED : David Pogue: 10 top time-saving tech tips
- Tech TV program called Triangulation
- Wow Brian Dunning Pleads Guilty to big fraud
- Cheap location tracking could be mega A GAME CHANGER

- 4 Good Podcasts
- FOUND : Penn Jillette from 2007, Triangulation
- Bad Podcasts : - Rationally Speaking
OK : Poddelusion
- Top Economists proved RESTRAINT Guaranteed to work ...but WRONG data !
- English Civil War much more BRUTAL than people think
- Phishing Scam we found on CS
- The Dangers of Certainty

- PROOF why driving whilst speaking on the phone NOT safe
- Why it is easier to believe than disbelieve
- Thinking like Sherlock
- how men have a much tougher life than women,
- Pinker & Why is US much more violent than other countries ?
- Predictably Irrational
- watching the news is bad for you

- Research into Fake Journals - 12/5/2013

- science of sleep,
- Democracy always give bad politicians,
- Shocking Sexism
- fake Latvia meteor strike,
- good Radiolab stuff

April 2013

- 1. My page on Microlabour - people trying to earn money through small internet jobs

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