654 Gori
2nd week outside Tbilisi
Mon - so much happens in 1 day it's impossible to list : thingd were complicated, but through skill & good luck I achieved all my objectives..museums, hitching, Uplistsikhe cave town to arrive in Gori

- Tue - castle, winemaking at Soso's
: This is an example of cluster bomb damage

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Thu - Winemaking with Achil & Gabriel

- Wed - fix library PC, museums ... met up with CSer Achil - Thu - walk with Achil .. winemaking at his brothers Gabriels ..joined in with toasts cos we'd nearly finished all the wine & they were already drunk, but then they found an extra litre so I became boringly drunk as well..in control, but room was spinning when I got back ..

- After a few toasts (GAMAJUS) the room looked like this :

- then Friday lost most of day cos couldn't concentrate and lousy stomach.
- Achil Gabriel took me to see a nearby fortress village, but we were all hung over
... met the EUMM people "visit TAT it's completely safe" ..the guy insisted.

Sat - School Trip to Rabati restored castle at Akhaltsikhe
Sat - Soso fixed me a place on this school trip through his connections with the youth service

- My not very good video

Sun - Leave Gori to Kareti, Khalgauri
Sun - Soso arranged for his contact to show me around Kareti .. he is the star of Georgia's X-Factor TV show
.. when we passed the Police Station the officers showed us the video .. but as ever this type of reality TV is expoitative .. (they basically said "look how stupid the people from the villages are"
..there for the grace of God go you .. you smug Media people)

Mon - Arrived in Kutaisi
- Tue - today ..museum.. only 1 room due to reconstruction work .. Would have been completely rubbish without guide .. she explained stuff ..but said "Georgian's, we Georgians" about 30 times ..that's brainwashing propaganda, cos in almost all incidences she was talking about Ancient people who left no writing so it is wrong to try to connect them to people today I walked 5Km up the river upto the dam .. nothing special to see really, but the amazing thing is it's the 23 October & the weather was like a good day in the British summer .. I was wearing shorts etc.

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