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GEORGIA 2012 Index
My Opinions
1. Parallels with treatment of ethnic Russians
2. Interesting to see that in toasts "the cult of yhe family is strong"
- Cult of the nuclear family. The key to happiness/unhappiness is managing expectations AND We are all prisoners our own cultutes. So in cultures when people have been brainwashed into thinking having a nuclear family is the only way ..many people are setting themselves up for failure.
.. not all people are heterosexual,
.. not all people can biologically have children.
- By stepping outside this cultural straightjacket I am able to avoid having to have the things that are necessary to have a family these days : a house & car etc.

Georgian you already know
moedani - square like medan in Arabic
tsikhe - castle
kartuli - Georgian language
eklesia - church from eglise in French
ramdeni - how much ?
bazari - market
posta - post office
banki - bank
magazia - shop from magasin in French/Russian
tualeti - toilet
kargi - good
Diakh - YES ... ara - NO
Sad aris ? Where is there ?
inglisuri - English language
სოფელ sopel - village
big - didi
mts’ire - small
ghvino - wine

Reading Georgian - too many letters look similar
backward C = e
n = i
X = j
y = k
m = o
like an s = a
h = ch
r joined onto an m = r
like "a: on the typewriter = G

examples : <
წყალი ts'q'ali), "water"
რძე (rdze), "milk"
benzina - petrol
chi ta = city
zucchero = sugar

camera doppia - double room
Grat ze= Thankyou
Come stai? = How are you?

benne = good
Si = yes, No= no
parlo Italiano - speak Italian ?
andando - travel, caminando - walk, a piedi - on foot

Others phonetic spelling
mi excusi = excuse me

0 = cero
1 = uno
2 = doo- e
3 = tri
4 = quattro
5 = chink ko
6 = say
7 = se-te
8 = oto
9 = no-ve

10 = deedch
20 = venti
30 = trenta
40 = quaranta
50 = chinquenta

11 = un deedch
12 = dua deedch
13 = tri deedch
14 = quat-or deedch
15 = kin deedch
16 = sed deedch
17 = deedch sete
18 = deedch oto
19 = deedch nove

100 = chi entro
1000 = meel

- GOOGLE Translate Georgian

There is this strange imperialism of English coming into Italian language

Safer than most most, but the usual sleazy men chasing foreign ladies ??? maybe
- updating blogs takes time, there maybe updates on StewGreen on Facebook, StewGreen on Twitter or StewGreen on G+ Google Plus before they are archived here on my website
GEORGIA HOT LINKS : Some useful stuff
- FCO Warnings for Georgia ..Azerbijan need a visa
- Tbilisi Podcast

- Tbilisi Info, Tbilisoba Festival , Tbilisi Events mostly commercial
- Thursday in Asia Town Restaurant 8pm : Mafia wars is a role play game, where some people around the table play the parts of secret mafia hitmen and the rest of the people have to guess who they are)
- British Council next to Prospero's Books sponsors some events

check groups for Cultural and languages exchange meeting ( CLEM )
- See Tbilisi Language Exchange
- Babel's meetups are NOT language lessons, we just meet, talk and have fun together while making new friends. - no group find

- Free tours everyday at 6pm

Books : don't have PDF of latest LP
- Always read the series "Culture Shock" it's great for background - NOT FOR GEORGIA
Walking in the Caucasus: Georgi by Peter Nasmyth - I made some copies but now I lost them

- writingtravellers.com crap .."Unfortunately we do not have any items on this topic yet. Please help us to compleet the info limited pages"
- LP Georgia has more

Tourist map - but LP Google map is better

Couch Surfing Forum (sometimes hidden on FB)
- Georgia
Check subgroups for province and sub sub for cities
- Tbilisi
- Georgia Party Organizers Crazily lots of events are hidden here
- CS Georgia Wiki, CS Tbilisi Wiki
Tbilisi - no regular schedule

CS camps can't find thenm anymore

TRIP ADVISOR bit spartan
- TA Georgia forum
- TA Tbilisi Activities

- I just looked at http://wikitravel.org/en/Mtskheta it's not as good as the LP and I can see stuff missing in the LP

- VT Georgia OK
- VT Georgia Forum Tbilisi Forum also not much

Accommodation not in guidebook
- there are at least 30 hostels in Tbilisi ..most high prices, bu can haggle down to 15Gel

Rationalist Connections

- rationalist : NOTHING
- Science - maybe festival in Spring
- skeptic - NOTHING
- freethinkers - NOTHING
- secularist - Tbilisi Secular University "Metekhi" but nothing on wev
- Humanist - NOTHING
- brights - NOTHING


jobs.ge, ww.hr.com.ge must be an agency cos all big computer jobs

Search with "English"
- wwoof & helpx.net nothing in Georgia
- British Georgia chamber of commerce

expat forums
- Forum - quite used, Events, ..
- Good links from British Georgia Society On FB
- alloexpat.com not much
- No Georgia Forum

- teachers forums

Jobs checked
From Helpx.net

- WWOOF - nothing for me

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

Other Sources of Info : Libraries, newspapers etc
English libraries
- Get a Free ID card from the side of the National Library then There is an American Corner Library across the street in the Parliamenatary library

- TSU British library

Checking English language newspapers
- GOOD messenger.com.ge not much
- georgiatoday.ge - biggest
- a href=http://www.georgianjournal.ge/>Georgian Journal (Tbilisi), weekly English-language tabloid alia (Tbilisi)
- messenger.com.ge/ bit empty
- FINANCIAL (Tbilisi), weekly English-language newspaper ..OK website ..empty forum
- The Georgian Times (Tbilisi), no events etc.

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