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Festival Ideas UPDATE

- 3 things a nationality, a culture & a language. It gets confusing when people use the same word to mean all eg Polish, Polish, Polish, Can we please have 3 different words. e.g. 1. UK - the name of a country 2. Anglo - the name of type of culture ..which is common in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand & even the US English - a language used everyday in many countries and used ad a Lingua Franca by more people whose home language is something else I notice I am problems connecting with people, at the ends of both recent festivals it seemed there was the group & me whilst I am able to share in things like working, playing games & volleyball, philosophical discussions I don't participate in many other things like : - getting drunk - smoking dope - late nights - sauna - beach - swimming - green thinking - spicey or complicated food

- digital planet waste food tweets :

HEADLINE : Arvidas Skrinskas 'murdered over sat-nav row',(An example from our local newspaper ..it doesn't mention the nationalities of the people ..but I guess they are East European temporary workers as both names are not typical of our area)

Steve Jones spoke of scientific consensus on climate change & that BBC news had been countering them with opposing views from political people who are not scientists. This is true, but that is not the issue ...Yes climate is changing over years ,cos it always does that. However the issue is whether such changes are : 1. driven by MANMADE CO2 2. on a certain path to catastrophe The issue is not that the climate is changing, but rather that it does not seem to be changing in the pattern predicted by those scientists pushing catastrophe. The BBC News coverage on Climate Change is not balanced cos it gives time to news promoted by Activist-scientists and any old green activists, but doesn't give coverage to scientists who question the details. rather people labelled climate skeptics and banned.


- Andrej said that the curd confectionery bars from Belarus are particularly good. So ir seems a fair amount of chrap goods ate snuggled in from Belarus ..I guess that would be good business in Visaginas also Hi guys I decided to stay an extra day ..so if anyone still wants to meet.... It's good to see Daugavpuls has a lot of potential as a regenerating city ..I like the example of the Russian Language training company here .. "come study in the most Russian speaking city in the EU" .. it's that kind of alternative & creative thinking this city needs. That would be a good idea for Visaginas that it brcame a place to practice russian without the visa hassles & bureaucracy of going to Russia

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