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- I can't stand the UK besides the terrible weather, it's a terrible place to try to live ..people outside don't understand how poor the life is here. I sometimes visit in the summer, but winter I get on a plane and try to live very cheaply outside ..been very lucky many years in finding small work to survive. Europe is still full of crazy things like Green Religion so this time I'll go back to Asia. I have an idea to go to Taiwan and work doing technical manuals or something.
- "I'd like to meet up with locals & CSers at meetups like activities, hikes or Mafia games. And chat about travel I am particularly interested to help people out with festivals etc. I have worked as Engineer/Teacher/Internet/Farming and festivals and many strange jobs"

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- 784 Bangkok
- 785 Taiwan (page not done)
March - August - 786 Sabah
August - 790 Sarawak Index page 2 weeks
August-Oct - 792 Kalimantan Sanggau ..in the haze on an Amazon like river ..down to Pontianak and back up thru Sinkawang and Sambas to a new road into Sarawak
- Sarawak 2 comments
- January 2016
- 4 days Singapore not done
- 810 Batam
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My Opinions : Why not UK

All normal people can do is work and watch TV

Foreigners never realise life in the UK is not happy. Winter is basically 8 months so you can't do stuff; whereas in other countries most of the year you can be outside. In other countries I can actually go out and do stuff like special events and maybe some theatre, but in the UK everything has to include a component for the ridiculous high property prices and high wages so it seems to me that all people do is go to work and then come home and watch TV. In a city I could find some special events and maybe some theatre. I once thought I could stay in the UK city in the summer, but it's impossible to find anywhere to stay; there are no temporary accomodation options and due to high property prices long term rent is still much more expensive that hotel rooms in some countries. In Asia I can select super simple hotels and in the summer in Europe I would free camp. I can stay with my parents village, but there is almost nothing to do. People just go to work and then come home and watch TV ... there isn't anything else to do cos it's either too expensive or too difficult to get to. There is only pub and one shop for 3,500 people in the village, but people don't use them as they are super expensive compared to the big super market in town. Work & TV. Sometimes I might talk to someone in the street but guaranteed they will be over 60 and more likely 70/80/90. The region is like an island not very connected to the rest of the country, it's not like you can go to the theatre or event in a city without becoming a car owner.

All normal people can do is work and watch TV .. Most of the joy in people's life comes from work. I like working. So in the UK I have often worked at festivals in the summer.

Bad weather and nothing to do. too cold, too expensive, too boring Winter in the village sucks ..seems to me that all

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- WWOOF is an alternative to staying at a hostel You pay by working half the day on the organic farm. see my notes on 2 Madeira WWOOF farms
- From Helpx.net listed in the first 4 above

VOLUNTEER check vfp.org - but UK site has better search to filter out younger age projects

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