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And I realised the old English saying "it's the taking part that counts" is absolute correct. These days society wrongly concentrates on competitive games. That's stupid only one team can win and you get 99 losers. It's not a good philosophy life is it ? It's better for everyone not to take it so seriously so everyone can enjoy it.
On top of that society plays the wrong sports. In Football, cricket and rugby injuries mount up and sometimes people die.Take it easy it's only a game. And what is this watching sport on TV what a waste of time..get out there and have the fun yourself with real people not by proxy.
Since I like to share all the fun things in life with you all I typed in a few fun games. I know a billion games , but these are the best of them.
The Psychology Game : Have a laugh with all your friends as you play this fun game and reveal the truth behind your personalities
Drama Games : I like to do theatre sports and sometimes I use drama when teaching english. A list of games that I have used and links to other lists.
Games For Teaching English : turn it into a game and the students forget studying is difficult
Games At Home : Switch of the telly and play a fun game : Killer Darts, Cards, Backyard Cricket, Drinking Games

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