406 Planet Nonsense is where I live
We live in an extremely stupid world. It's full of lies, distortions and bad thinking.

The vast majority of people know nothing about nothing and live in a world of simple assumptions. They refuse to admit things are complicated they want a simple world of simple solutions... They

  • can't count i.e. put things in perspective
  • can't think
  • just grasp onto the first simple ideas without any wish to look any deeper

"It's the American's they say"

War Deaths "It's the American's" they say. Actually the US caused deaths don't figure big in the 110 million war deaths since WW2 it's mostly unreported African wars

Climate Change "It's the American's" .. there is so much rubbish talk about Climate Change Catastrophe character by wild claim, after wild claim which don't stand up to close examination. See the CC Blog

Look we live in a full colour world and you can't look at the world in a black and white way

- What is certain is that while people bang on and on about a few death caused by "The Americans", millions of deaths in other countries go on largely unreported or protested about.The Million people Chinese government incompetence has caused

In the early cold war period it seems like the western media was often inclined to look for faults with the Communist China or Russia. But now the balance has completely shifted the west blames itself for everything and cos there is no longer much political motivation to investigate the "reds", the media make little attempt to get around the blocks that China, Russia and other totalitarian regimes impose.

Most people in the world don't need to be afraid of "The Americans" they need to be afraid of their own governments. The average Chinese, Russian indeed any citizen of a totalitarian regime have to fear their own governments more that "the Americans", Even the average Iraqi was more likely to be killed by Sadam and now by Insurgents than "the Americans".

-The Palestinians though do need to be afraid of American money that funds the Israeli Terrorist Government * they have caused Palestinian suffering and deaths. Though one should get it in perspective in many areas of the world there are unreported sufferings of a bigger scale.

(*The Israeli government has been terrorist right from the beginning it used terrorism against the British to get them to leave Palestine and has always used the threat that we have a bigger gun than you to get it's way rather than make agreements with other people. And yes, I would hold Israel to higher standards than uneducated brainwashed Arabs. It's like adults bullying children.)

Though even that is confusing as the American's supply enormous funds to the Palestinian government also and give many Palestinians political asylum. Why they don't withold funds from the Israeli Terrorist Government when they are un-reasonable I don't know. People complain that the Palestinians elected a terrorist Hamas government, but 1. the Israeli people have always elected a terrorist government and 2. anyway the Fatah governments were terrorists as well.''

If you want to look at numbers - look how at cigarette deaths. If the US kills a lot of people it's not through guns it's through cigarettes. Again many cigarette companies are owned by their own governments, but the US and the west should have taken leadership action years ago. The official WHO figures are 200 million early deaths due to cigarettes in the next 20 years.

Do You Mind if I Smoke ?
Yes I fucking do !

smokers licence- I certify I am aware that I aware, that I am doing something that will make me smell, that will make me sick and so will cause my family suffering, deprive other hospital patients of facilities and care, cause addiction and make me poorer.

If you want to understand more about numbers and manipulating statistics try BBC's More or Less programme - Understand the science of numbers and you get perspective.

Apply logic and perspective I end up with a whole range of different opinions with most people

  • Love doesn't exist - what is that except a meaningless world ? It's one of those words that everyone say "yes, I know what it means", No it's one of those words which is pretty useless cos it has no firm definition does it mean attracted to ?, like a lot ?, some magic connection ? Belief in the absense of evidence ? "All you need is love .. what is the point in a word which has no true meaning ? ..more on love
  • Princess Diana - Not even worth talking about. About as relevant as the "tooth fairy". Look 200,000 people die every day. The only good thing she did was hug an AIDS patient, but that's what you'd expect any reasonable personnto do. Many people work every day with Aids patients. Why people in far off are interested in her I don't know. It shows how out of touch with reality they are. Their interest is spiked by vast conspiracy theory it makes no difference to the rest of the world whether she lived or died or was pregnant or not. Dodi was a more important person than her he was probably his fathers heir and could have done something with the money.

  • Twin towers is nothing- It's certainly a big symbol, but when you get down and do the maths it's a pretty small event. Blow a large temple up you'll kill people, but you won't kill the religion. 3000 people killed maybe another 3000 permanently injured, compare that to 10,000 cigarette deaths a week in the US, compare it to 6 million Jews in the holocaust, or 140,000 in a tsunami, or 50,000 in a large earthquake. 60 US road deaths a day = 20,000 year. 2m largely unreported war deaths a year. Not more than 1 days worth of African deaths from AIDS OR Malaria.

  • Terrorism is not a big killer - See above Mother Nature us a much bigger killer.

  • The correct reaction to terrorism us to do almost nothing. Have a fair and just society, with free speech so that people can air their grievences before having to resort to terrorism. Don't give in or even give them publicity it only encourages them. Talk to everybody, but don't let them waste your time. Use normal police action as if you were trying to catch a robber.
    The Northern Ireland experience teaches us
    - 1. if you give into to terrorists, it motivates them to do more.
    - 2. sometimes the other side will make false attacks to gain punishment for the opposition.
    - 3. Common sense tells us 2 wrongs don't make a right.

    For the same reason you never pay a ransom. As it encourages people to kidnap again.

  • So you can see I think Invading Afghanistan was a fair reaction to 911, but not invading Iraq. I thought it would be counterproductive to the Americans, though it would be good for the Iraqi people in the long run.

  • However once America decided to invade Iraq I think that changes the situation. Certainly the reasons they gave were not pobably the real reasons, and I'm not in a position to guess why. "It's all about oil", shout the people in the pub in England, but that's a cheap simple argument. My feeling is it's good to say I don't know", such things can run verybdeep "wheels within wheels". I think someone knows the inner workings of the US government and the situation on the ground in Iraq might be able to guess, and come up with a completely surprising answer.

  • Why I agree with The Iraq War- Imagine your brother says he going to invade the gangster's house, and you fail to persuade him not to. Once he's done it you can't undo it. He's not going to stop and hand it back to the gangster. I would come and help him, rebuild the house get the gangster's innocent family's life back to normal and then the both of us could get the hell out. If he in the process had killed the gangsters dog and destroyed their kitchen and then the gangster's family started fighting each other I would still not run away. So I don't think other countries should expect the Americans to go home unless they themselves are prepared to come in and help rebuild Iraq. They aren't prepared to do that and for many of them it good to see the Americans tied down in Iraq. For China and Russia peace is Iraq is a bad thing. In many other countries leaders can continue to steal and make bad decisions and say ..... "don't look at me ! look at America over there.

I bet you say "George Bush, he's an idiot", The thing us I could have told you that before he was elected and so was president Reagan. But I would look beyond that and say whoever is the puppet master is probably very intelligent. I think to understand you have to look past the first easy obvious solution.

America has a lot of good things, but it is a very bad example of a democracy. Most people don't vote and anyway there is no real choice as Michael Moore says there are 2 parties :
- 1. The party of Big Business and Special Interests
- 2. The other party of Big Business and Special Interests

I bet you say "Tony' Blair, he's a liar" ..But I say he's not corrupt, rather he was our side than on someboy elses. I have completely different politics from him, I don't like Christian thinking, but he's a bloody good leader after the economy was destroyed by Thatcher and introduced the minimum wage. As one of the UK's top lawyers he's earn more if he wasn't a politician. (look at his wife's huge earnings)

I think Green is now BAD,I think ecology is important, but I think like the Patrick Moore (Founder of Greenpeace) the logic has gone out of the Green Movement. It does seem to have been hijacked by anti-capitalists who just want to do everything to disrupt what they perceive as big businesses. The have no respect for science they would rather go with one cranky report than 20 reports saying the same thing. They say well things like the cranky guy is right all the other scientists are lapdogs of the capitalists and they have a conspiracy against this guy. They say natural is good artificial is bad. Now if I buy if I buy orange juice I check the label to see it's 100% OJ as I don't want to be ripped off by buying stuff that's mostly sugared water.

numbers games 6 billion people will die in the next century. They would do even if the were no cigs or alcohol.

If 40 people are killed in a Bomb or bus crash that probably means another 80 are injured for life. So it's not fair to compare with cigarette deaths or suicides US is 4.5% of worlds pop

- more on "Love is a useless word"... it's not a word I use