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It's a Lot Easier to Spread Fear, Than Information

Gave up Blogging about Global Warming : it's like arguing with astrologists

- One last post now Nov 2011
- there would be a claim in the media .. 2 hours of fact checking would prove in bunk
.. again & again .. it became an interesting, but time consuming soap opera. Life's too short... and I realised that is more irrationality in life so I have moved to look at more fundamentals.

- Do you think a modern da Vinci would have spent his life correcting other peoples blogs ?
- I stopped posting 1 years ago. But now just a few points to finish with

1. Step back & look at big picture

- "Greenies" are screaming hate at skeptics like me yet they drive a big SUV full of kids. Their 100 year carbon footprint is 30 times bigger than mine.

- Me with my simple life, no house, no cars , no kids, no pets, secondhand clothes, no gardening, no decorations, no birthdays, no Christmas. In my world there would be real mathematics not romantism; meaming no pseudo green things paid by government : no windfarms, no solar, no GM ban, no organic food promotion, but rather electricity made with nuclear, gas and coal with pollution control.

2. The Green bubble world

- Catastrophic Global Warmer "believers" - are the same as Anti-Vaccine , 911 Conspiracy theorists etc. - always dissing non- believers

- Like religious fundamentalists they exhibit the same "true believer" psychological pattern of behaviour

- People live in bubble & don't understand the real world

- I can't generalise, but for many it's a feel good feeling of belonging

- This bubble world has a classic Grand narrative with a dogma like communism or religion.. "anything in our world "green" is nice and warm & cuddly, and everything outside is evil"
- hence there is a "us" and a "them"
- We are nice and they are 'deniers'"..So it's comforting to shout "DENIER" or can be be dismissed as big corporation
- This behaviour is bullying : Greenism is a cuddly form of fascism
- "Science is settled"=debate DENIERS"

- "Things in this Grand narrative - sustainability, anti-Americanism and other neo-liberal deconstructions of capitalism and consumerism." Phlip Stott .. (notice the buzz words just like communism has)

- The grand narrative bubble can form a convenient straw man view of the outsiders .."they DENY climate change"
.. no everyone admits climate changes .. They are pushing the certainty that CATASTROPHIC climate change is certain -

- like believers in astrology Confirmation Bias is part of this Green bubble world..


- It's staggering that scientific skeptics organisations know what confirmation bias is, yet when it comes to Global Warming many of the same skeptics organisations use it big time: e.g. Skepticality, SGU, Doubtful News, even Simion Singh ..see my essay on "True Believer behaviour by SGU"

- "see that confirms catastrophe is coming"
"ah that other report, well that must be paid for big corporations, so we can ignore it"

- everything which can possibily seen as confirming can be trumpeted
.."of course", shouted
.. every argument is shouting, name calling .. strong on emotion and low on reason
.. see how their reason is often ... taking 2+2=6
..whereas evidence and reason is real world

Green Magic Maths
- In Greenism maths can be twisted to fit the bubble view -It's irrational mathematics with solutions that are all magic solutions defying real world maths ...e.g. wind farms etc.

- Saying that 80% of climate scientists believe in global warming is an awful lot like saying that 80% of priests believe in God.

3. There are many fantasies but there is only one Real World

- When I am watching Derren Brown I am aware most of the people are saying "Wow this is like psychic " and I am saying this is such a stupidly simple trick.
- I see it's the same thing when I go into a church and realise for everyone else it's completely real they cannot see outside the bubble.

- Non Passion is a sign of the real world : There is no need for passion argument in science - let the facts speak for themselves, but when we don't know we don't know
- The big picture is stepping back and looking at actions rather than dogma ..I want to see a world where peoples lives are much simpler and there is much less consumerism of physical products

- The irony is that "their green movement is not green" This guy agrees with me

- Saying that Climategate is attacking science is like questioning MPs Expenses is bad & anti democratic

4. What's the Harm in Hyping Global Warming ?

- What is bad is :
1. While Greenies are still driving SUVs full of kids and pets i.e. not downsizing, I'm paying for green machine, ineffective solutions , taxes
2. - cos the top is irrational the whole bottom is irrational - white elephant projects, which don't make sense.
- It harms civilisation, because we could be focusing on things which really matter : rolling out solutions to diseases etc.
3. Imagine if it didn't exist world would actually be more greener - cos green maths is so bad that their measures create more destruction.

There is a Big Elephant in the Room
- The elephant in the room is that within the next 40 years fusion power may be on tap and then carbon fuel use will be severely reduced.
(* note fusion could be a disaster for the enviroment cos although CO2 would be zero, people would think we could proceed head on with consumerism, but we do need to kind to environment for other things not GW ... without considering the cutting down of all the trees etc. )

4. Untruth feeds corruption thus diverting resources from efficient use.
We get Aid corruption like I have seen in Africa..The worse the situation is the more aid money can be got .. so African Aids figures were sometimes increased after counting to bring in a but more aid money. ... this is the base behind the ridiculous 2035 glaciergate claim .. Indian subdivision of IPCC called TERI was given $500,000 grant after that claim was made ..
- With that extra finance they failed to find the 2035 date was wrong, it was someone else who pointed it out

- The Chinese secret service love how we are wasting are time and resources instead of competing

- What counts is actions not beliefs.

- the Greens have the same GUILT FEELING about technology that the Victorians are supposed to have about sex.

Before when we got sick it was cos "we are evil", then we found bacteria and medicine ... now we use the Earth resources and are sure to cause catastrophe cos "we are evil"

What would we be doing instead ?

New Ideas

- banks have been prosecuted for mis-selling , what about the Mis-selling of Global warming

- Would you buy insurance without knowing the real risks ?

- In any debate what you do is define your terms first ?

- Hang on are we even sure that even a 5C would be a catastrophe ?... any heat deaths are compensated by reduced cold deaths.
- ah melting ice ...... it's not as if would all melt ..remember only melting ice on land causes sea level to rise ..floating ice doesn't ..yep sure ice which spends most time at say -1C now might melt, but Ice which sits at -0C would just be sitting at -15C after a 5C temp rise

- If sea evels were rising we'd be hearing about it, but twitterverse seems to be full of reports saying sea levels are falling thing is SEALEVELGATE

- Why trust IPCC when you don't trust the EU ?

- What do you call those people that are crazy about that ancient end of the world prophesy ?
..oh yes Global Warmers

- "The BBC's main enviroment correspondent has been paid by big oil company to run seminars for them, in turn oil co is advising BBC on headlines"

- @JoanneNova - BBC's main enviroment correspondent has been paid by Green Lobby CRU to run seminars for them, in turn CRU is advising BBC on headlines
- Roger Harrabin's "cash for Comment" ..he's got form Hyped an article after an Eco-girl asked him to is that his motivation ? to get Green chicks

- The main component of the “Hamada” part of Sahara is mostly limestone. Limestone (CaCO3) plus heat gives natural cement (CaO + CO2)! - better link Good Work, but I say, science never stands on only 1 study
- I want to believe these Japanese stats, but I am suspicious of all stats where there is a cultural bias to tell people what they want to hear.
- So corroboration would be good... and why hasn't this result been produced before ? supressed ? A Dutch analysis once showed lots of earth cooling smog due to carbon particulates from all the wood fueled cookers (& slash & burn) in the developing world.

- Greenies are COMPLEXITY DENIERS, my article, it's about how people latch onto simple ideas cos it's easier to handle than complex reality

Sherlock Holmes: “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts”. From: “Scandal in Bohemia” A. Conan Doyle.

DENIERS ..yes they are

"In the Climategate and Climategate 2.0 emails they're shown time and again fudging data, breaching FOI requests, lying to outsiders who've requested to see the raw data on which they've based their dubious prognostications, grossly exaggerating their degree of certainty about the threat of AGW, tweaking their Assessment Reports to make them look more scary, pretending those Assessment Reports are the work of diverse hands when really the people doing all the legwork and rewriting comprise a relatively small core of committed activists."
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