West Wales

Spent a couple of days in Fishguard, had to go the dentist came back via the coast route and decided to come back and walk some of the popular coastal path.

Walked the coastal path to Newport, stayed at the camping barn. Then walked the Gwaun valley. Stayed at the Brith di Mawr Community for a few days. (Well organised but too busy with kids and families for me.) Read the great Fukuoka book ( more)

Walked on past the restored iron age Castel Henlys to Cardigan and back around the coast stopping at a Youth Hostel,
Some photos of the coastal path more on the website

camping barn, St David's YH, Marloe Sands, through Milford haven to a village called Lawrenny. Nice hostels, but no exciting library to keep me there

Been reading books ...
1. Food of the Gods 1992 - Terence McKenna --- The idea that in the garden of Eden the fruit tried was actually something like a magic mushroom. Ancient man used these and this gave them amazing intelligence. We should use pychadaelic drugs to receive inspiration especially DMT (safe cos it's similar to seratonin and breaks down quickly)
2. Stupid White Men By: Michael Michael Moore 2003 I really like his philosophies, but this book is a bit disappointing more
3. The One Straw Revolution A brilliant philosophy about Doing everything with nature (not just agriculture) this simple way is best. The world has been blinded by science. Very impressive more
4. Supernature By: Lyall Watson 1973 A mammoth examination of every supernatural thing you've heard about from astrology to ghosts and others you haven't gravity from other galaxies effect the unstable water molecules in every cell and fields we don't know about cause telepathy etc . Pretty good. more
5. Maverick By: Ricardo Semler 1993 Very interesting book by a successful Brazilian who came up with a completely new system of management ..empower and trust your workers,with great ideas for management. (Semco) more

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