Panama to Miami, Madrid, UK

I'd had enough of Panama city all the pollution, noise, bureaucracy and lack of enlightenment and decided to get out. Panama is the end of the road cos you have to cross the Darien gap to Columbia. I could have got there by boat or plane, but better wait for more peaceful times. I thought about going to NZ, but flights were expensive and a yacht would take 3 months. I was offered a $400 flight to England so I decided to take it. I had been thinking of visiting the Kuna Yala or Darien, but I didn't have time. Now of course I am kicking myself for not going.

Miami, nice big contrast to Panama neat and clean. Miami beach particularly nice. Obvious rampant commercialism, but enlightened signs, they've made an effort to have a good public transportation system, pollution controls, public library system. Even though the right has maintained rigid control of the US political scene for so many years I think there is a real possibility of an upcoming flip to the left. There really are enough people who care. wish I had now spent a few days there.

Madrid again organized and clean and a million interesting things to see ; typical of the old world much character compared to the new world.

the UK Arrived backthe other Sunday.. Culture shock - property prices still haven’t crashed, People are going around talking about how they bought their house "for fifty p ence and now it's worth sixty million". the average house price in London is $400,000 ($250,000 in the north) Some other prices are also crazy coffee $3 and bus fare to next village $4 (7 miles), 50c for public phones even for a local call. Though other prices are lower. Cold - there is sometimes a freezing wind from the artic. So many people binge drinking. The exchange rate is really high ..pity I have been earning in dollars. $20 used to be £14 now it’s just over £10.

I visited my 97 year old Grandmother on Tuesday and she died on that Friday.. We had 10 days before the funeral so I went to Hadrian’s Wall ..walking and to help in a festival in Scotland.

I went to a festival in Sheffield…then Pendleton, Huddersfield, and stayed at a camping barn which was so nice I stayed another night.

Dowsing ... It's not a mystery at all.. for me it just works. I held the metal rods in my hands and every time I walked over moving water they swung inwards. Just like a compass needle moves when you hold a magnet nearby. The thing that confirms it for me is that when you take a step further the rods swing out again. No psychic mystery the rods moved on their own and I didn't feel a thing.

Through the forest of Bowden, Slainforth, to Ingleton to Kendal , back up through Cumbria to Alston and then Hadrian’s Wall ..walked along it ..

pretty impressive

then to Talamh good place a little disorganised. It’s a housing coop on a 16th century farm with their own organic gardens.

Came back for the funeral last Tuesday ... just tidying up a bit before I go to Wales to hang out for a month reading books.

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