Prague..Wow culture shock after being in the countryside...so many people..big supermarkets (instead of tiny grocery stores)..I think I like modern cities..so much more going on than in the quiet quiet countryside.

Prague has a lot of historic things to see. I have been doing a lot of wondering around..went to the movies , maybe we will go to a hockey game. I think Krumlov is better though cos it's smaller and easier to cope with. Czech is a great place if you like beer, the whole culture revolves around it, but it doesn't particularly grab me..so what will I do ?

I'm going to Brazil on 15/10/98 !

At the moment I'm not particularly excited about Brazilian culture; but I made my mind up the other night I should go to seewhat it's like.

I'm going to find one good place and stay there for some time doing some volunteer work (so I don't have to pay for accomodation, and can learn Portuguese) or teaching English. ...

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