1998 Bulgaria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary , Slovakia to Czech Republic2/9/98 

Turk Ruins What I have been doing... meeting the locals in nowhere towns in Turkey, chilling out in a place where you stay in Treehouses, at Olympos 
see my photos when I was with Trekker Extraordinaire ....Mike Meaney (his pages) 
.Having my hotel prices bargained down for me by the police, being given all the ticket money back at a museum..because the ticket collector said I was not a rich man ,going back to Kangal for a fish massage, getting my overcharged taxi fare back and more, going around Turkey's oldest ruins. left.
The UK was so boring so I went back to Bulgaria and then onto to Turkey visiting some of the places I missed last time I didn't find any lucky work in Turkey so I decided to head to Cesky Krumlov. 

In Sofia I found I needed a visa to cross Yugoslavia, so I went via Romania. 

Saw Budapest........People Palace. Apparently the worlds second largest building. 
To me it doesn't look all that impressive
I saw a little bit of the Transylvanian Alps and got slightly ripped off by their novel form of capitalism. 
Some Romanian farmers I met
crossing the River Danube the border between Hungary and Slovak Republic

Cesky Krumlov..canoeing, mountain climbing, reading  
I stayed at Hostel Skippy (right) for a week then onto Tabor then back to stay at Uvonika Hostel for another week 
canoeing the rapids with Jamie 3 rd time !
whilst sampling the amazing banned special Snaps drink ..Absynth (try it..it supposed to be halluconagenic cos of the wormwood compound) .Jamie (madfish3@hotmail.com ) (from Freemantle WA) walked into the bar with the piece of paper where I had recommended Cesky to him when I had met him at Kadirs Hostel,Olympos , Turkey ..small world !! 
Me canoeing on the Vltava river (I didn't choose the pink lifejacket !)
Jamie at one rapid
.maybe I will go to work at Popovice restoring the castle ..what will I do for winter ? 

I've been getting my hands dirty shoveling 2m of dirt out of a collapsed room ..well I went to the castle at Popovice (benesov tel 0301 96384) 
after mistakenly going to another Popovice first...it took 30 Km of hitching and a 10 Km late night walk to get to the right one 

I was a little disappointed ..it was arun down ancient house rather than a striking castle..they are not very well organised..there were only 2 foreigners and 2 Czechs there...(a lot of people left when the hot weather ended)...there are no showers and only pit toilets... bit too quiet and boring for me.. 

I learnt how to milk a goat 
Then I went to stay with the very interesting Iranian/American Josie djin@fetishesboutique.com  at his friend's Jacob's cottage at Mala Lecice..again it was a bit quiet for me 2 cats, 3 chickens one goat..and a log fire  

so now I am in the big exciting city of Prague again waiting for new ideas !! maybe I will go to Brazil it's too cold here  

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