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stew-mouthing at Hitch Gathering
Hitch Hikers Fest

On FB European Hitch-hikers meetup in Lithuania 4/8/2012 - so with a basic plan to hitch from Amsterdam to do a tour of Baltic states festivals - this event could be a good start

the main webpage European Hitchgathering | All roads lead to Lithuania hitchwiki.org

- Hitchgathering "Since 2008 hitchhikers of Europe, have been meeting once a year in different spots around Europe. The gathering is a place to share stories, learn skills, meet other similar minded travellers around the bonfire. This year we will meet in the countryside of Lithuania, in Ambraziški.."

Guy's don't forget to check the discussion page forums

Hitch Hikers Fest

- Great event here..great people ..all the hardworking organizers, and the hosts Andreas and his family ..the nearest I have ever come to finding people like me
-people like Prenom hitching for 30 years .. or Marteus living on $0.50/day

I'm not sure about that hitch-hiking gathering ..it's complicated I guess.. but I think the irritating things overpowered the good bits.

Sun - best day
Wed - rain herding cows - midnight meal workshops until 2am
complaining : I hate pissing around wasting time waiting for things ..people don't pull their weight
Thu - We breakfasted at 11 others at 1pm so Andreas comes asking for volunteer workets for mulching & insulation.. but I can't volunteer cos I have to clean up after this lot .. raining aswell so in afternoon we play cards

I waited for the food then I stored it for breakfast.

So I got up reasonable time ate chatted & set up the washing up station ..me and French Matthew washed up... but people kept drifting in cooking more porridge .. making more washing up ... I had to wash my clothes.

- (They all expressed surprise that I was staying to clean up ..why did they assume instead of asking me ?)

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