Backup your files before you lose everything

I keep bumping into people who have lost all their data here. Backing up should be the first thing you learn to do. If disaster strikes : fire, robbery, power surge, lightening, students rioting, nasty internet virus etc ; you'll be OK cos you have backed up all of your important data. Haven't you ?

If someone steals your computer tonight will you lose all your business records as well ? It's so easy to make a backup.

And if your office burns down tonight you don't have your backups in the same building do you ?

We found the best way is to find all your important documents on your pc. store them in logical folders inside one master folder e.g. "my documents" Then copy this folder to the floppy or CD burner. If you have too much data, you can compress the folder using winzip (just a right click in Windows XP)

Then put the backup copies in a different building to your computer like your friend's house or something. (that way whatever happens fire etc you won't lose your files) You could also backup the most important files into a folder and send it to your website (winzip will allow you to password protect it)

Make a schedule to backup once a week or once a month and stick to it. It might cost you 10-15 minutes now, but it could save you a whole lot of hassle in the future.

at least backup you address book.

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