Some Important Computer Tips

1. Make Backups

please please and keep them in a separate building

NEW USB virus protection

tips for memory cards etc

2. Put in a UPS and surge protector

3. Protect your PC Against Viruses

including using the free online scan

4. Maintenance

It will speed your PC up .. delete the tmp files, run scan disk, defragment

5. Anti Spyware

Install Spybot and it will remove those nasty spyware stuff which slows down your PC

6. Regclean

When you install lots of programs and then delete them your PC will get slow. Regclean cleans the register.

7. Easy Website

Use the Yahoo groups. It's so easy to set up a community noticeboard and exchange photos and messages.

Explanation of the Internet
How to make webpages
Scanning Photos
How to email/FTP documents
How to search and use Newsgroups

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