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Matt Ridley : The Rational Optimist Blog

- He said "Prospect has published my essay on bioenergy, in which my research left me astonished at the environmental and economic harm that is being perpetrated. Biomass and biofuels are not carbon neutral, can't displace much fossil fuel, require huge subsidies, increase hunger and directly or indirectly cause rain forest destruction. Apart from that, they're fine... Here's the text:"
... basically burning wood generates much more CO2 per unit of energy than coal

- He mentions a GREAT debunk of Naomi Klein. ..Jeez it shows the woman is clinically insane. In Oz in 2001 at the mediaexpo all the people waiting for the lecture were like saying "Cool wow she's amazing", but I witnessed her standard of logic was terrible.

Debunking : Eden man Tim Smith's muddled thinking

- When Eden project man Tim Smith was to give a short lecture on Radio 4 pushing his energy independence plan for Cornwall, the BBC hyped his cause by including a lengthy explanation on the BBC news website with of course a leading headline UK 'must believe in energy revolution' ... they wouldn't do this if he was a skeptic.

- He tries to pit science against imagination : talks about dreams .e.g we can make Cornwall independent in energy he's lost the connection between dreams & reality.

- My Debunk : What at first seems like a good idea can be easily demolished.

- Logic of the dreamer not the thinker ... What Tim Smith is really saying is "Don't buy Cornish products, boycott them in favour of stuff from your own area . Don't come to the Eden Project ....go to the your own local Eco- park."

- only use local energy, but why would you if imported is cheaper? As Matt Ridley said under capitalisn self sufficiency= poverty. You do what you are good at & exchange for what others are good at and the whole pot is bigger.

- The reason Cornwall took off in the first place was cos they could bring in the coal capitalism works cos you don't have to rely on being on self sufficient.

- If Cornish energy is easy & cheap well then of course use it that's why there geothermal is already used . Check if Cornwall is not an exporter of geothermal. Yep if you need to pump water to your farms watertank then maybe use wind, but why bother to power your TV with solar panels if you can buy electricity off the gas powerplant in Devon for 1/10th the price. If Cornwall gets gas are we supposed to say don't buy it ? Are we supposed no we won't buy Cornwall's geothermal.

- He says "people shouldn't put up with funding the criminal profits of the big energy companies we should be get together & buy enery in bulk & form mutuals like Welsh water" ..he's unaware people pay so much more with Welsh water than in London etc.

- He did make a good point on IP - instead of keeping quiet you could put your idea into a foundation, which put together the jigsaw .. however logistical nightmare ? In a way that's what corps like Google do, look after their employees so everyone pitches in. - So you can talk about the Conservative newspapers, the labour newspaper & the green-left media conglomerate.

The famous Article : Recycling is garbage

- The famous Article : Recycling is garbage - Penn and Teller filmed an episode of their television show that echoed Tierney's criticisms from eight years earlier. "The recycling industry creates pollution, has to be subsidized by the government because it's cost-ineffective, and is completely unnecessary," they declared. Meanwhile, recycling advocates were claiming exactly the opposite.

Debunk of WSJ climatologists letter
- excellent debunks of the warmists arguments in their WSJ letter What is the real IPCC Forecast ?

update Dec 2015 I see the image is blank. It would have shown the old Scafetta widget graph. However when I last checked Scafetta has been dropped by Watts as he felt Scafetta's work didn't stand up to inspection.'

My Other CACC Points

- The new mantra is "top salaries should not be paid to companies who live off taxpayer subsidies" , so surely that means directors of renewable energy companies and the indirectly the companies that contruct them should be banned from bonuses

- Just a thought about when the Greenies criticise GM "The evil corporation's GM seeds are infertile so the poor Indian farmers are anslaved into buying from the transnational corporations", yet if the seeds are fertile the Greenies say "Oh that's terrible, see GM can leak into the enviroment ! "

- Climatologers - yes UEA is to science what astrologers are to astronomy

- Climate war is like War against African poverty ...which after 50 years achieved nothing .... Africa is now just starting to get out of poverty due to trade not aid.

What's the harm in Fake Green ?

- What is bad is while They are not downsizing, I'm paying for green machine, their SUV full of kids, ineffective solutions , taxes
- harms my country
- cos the top is irrational the whole bottom is irrational - white elephant projects, which don't make sense.
- imagine if it didn't exist world would be more greener
- fusion will come soon anyway
- Accepting "true believer behaviour" over evidence & reason sets a bad precednt for other matters
- What would we be doing instead ? Progressing
- What counts is actions not beliefs.

- We do need to kind to environment for other things not GW

- Debunk of the Consensus claim

- Climate Scientology cult - that's a good description


Dream of inbuilt thermostat in Climate ? Possible

- Climate Scientist bloke seemed quite rational on the Material World
- He said a warmer climate causes the arctic ice to melt causing more snow causing the normal cold weather system which circulates East/West in the Arctic to come out of it's normal boundary and move a bit north/south and bring cold weather south .. possible, but not proof

- so instead of being positive feedback loops it seems to confirm something I have been suspicious of that the Climate System has some inbuilt thermostat of negative feedbacks re CO2 ..maybe completely by chance so runaway effects don't take over and lead to disaster

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