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It was the Technology that Gave Humans Evolutionary Break
- BBC Material World spoke of a Book called Artificial Ape (Timothy Taylor) ..say prehistoric technology gave us an advantage of other species who can only evolve biologically : like the baby sling meant humans could grow outside the womb ..so could have smaller heads at birth and grow them bigger on the mothers back.

Fascinating History of British Computing

- Some interesting computer stuff Peter Day had some fascinating things on the history of British computing
- The first digital electronic computer Colussuss could in 1945 decode German codes as fast as a 2007 Pentium laptop

- The chip developed for the UKs second homecomputer the Acorn BBC Computer is now the most used chip in the world it's in more devices than there are people in the world cos they use so little power so 98% of todays mobile phones use them designed by Acorn engineers Steve Furber and Sophie Wilson.

- Hey a woman computer genius why don't we know about her ? ..ah she was born as a man. (Her website is the simplest I have ever seen ..shows what experts think of Flashy websites) In a list of the top 10 women of technology ..2 were born men.

Other Computing
- I also found Ipad touch screens seem to have a problem displaying the floating Flash menus in webpages

- I checked Ruby on Rails it seems to be a tool for interfacing databases to websites rather than a straight forward template tool I hoped

Dancing At Auschswitz Video

- A Holocaust survivor Adolek Kohn made a youtube of him dancing at Auschswitz with his grandchildren to celebrate and say FU Nazis original video

the artists website shows 2 extra videos www.janekormanart.com also on her Youtube account

just got a message from a contact in the Ukraine warning about Skype problem
"skype 5.0 autoupdate breaks program

It is horrible, balky, crashes, and with me- just shows static after connecting, then crashed 7 times on comp-comp call. It willautoupdate without permission- you must stop it in tools, advanced, autoupdate checkmark. If it does it and you're not happy, download 4.2.087 from http://www.filehippo.com/download_skype/8287

You can install it without uninstalling the new shit version, do it OFFLINE, then immediately uncheck the autoupdate default. Read people's screaming about it: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=782419 "

BBC Forum Black Racist guy
I can't believe that "Paul Butler" was allowed on to put his very racist views on without challenge.
- Sympathy has to be given to him for being harassed by the police. But it is too simplistic to confuse correlation with cause e.g. Primary school teachers are rarely male, but this doesn't prove that the education is systematically sexist against men.

- Butler is himself being racist by saying the police are racist.
... If then someone told the policemen "The drug dealer" just went into the bar and then when they went in there was a white guy wearing baggy trousers and a beany, smoking and in the other corner was a black guy with glasses reading a bible who would the police stop first ?
- Simplistic thinking won't help victims of injustice
- Butler accuses "American system" of generalising about blacks; .. if you took any 2 groups their choices would not be exactly the same . so that does not prove discrimination, its just a case of different choice

Wikileak's Cablegate is a clever American government trick it seems lile that to me
- Normally I don't conspiracy theories. But ...
1. No big dirty secrets have come out. Despite all the hype it hasn't uncovered any secrets showing the US Government to be the bad guys .. Anyway I think they are the good guys with a few blemishes and none of the cables shows otherwise/
2. Technically the leak is not viable. On a network the managers can see the traffic. Even if the info was encrypted if someone had really tried tp download an entire huge database it would have shown up and could have quickly been stopped/

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