. Welcome info for KL Centre (Puduraya Bus Terminal) Good map tool
KL Map EAST Golden Triangle detail
Local Train Map, More Maps
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WWW gov.my
China town market ? NIGHT after 6pm (fake clothes/watches etc, bargain hard)(LP says you must go, but I don't like it as it's just crowded & touristy & other markets have better prices) fom Puduraya terminal cross the Road and walk West, past Nandos, Petaling street is at the Footbridge,
- walk further and cross back over the road to Central Market Good for souvenirs/food court is big White Square building

How do I visit Petronas Tower ?

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Go to the tower before 9.30am and you should be able to get a ticket.
Walk : 20 mins ..(head past KL Tower) Bus from Guardian pharmacy one block east of Masid Jamek Station - pick up a KLCC bus outside Guardian pharmacy. LRT Masid Jamek Station go down the stairs.
You can't go to the top, only to the 40th floor bridge. Get to the ticket desk early for a free ticket from 8.30am. Closed on Mondays

- For a good view of Petronas you can go right to the top of the KL Tower 20Rm audio tour 1 hour (10Rm Malaysians) . You can walk there from Puduraya Terminal in 15 mins by walking around the back of 7 Eleven and through the forest park. (check the map)

FAQ : How do I get to KL Sentral ? Where can I change money ? post office ? the bar ? the Embassy ? airline ? Beach ?

Check list 80 of places to visit and things to do in KL

7 Things you MUST DO in KL
0. FREE EVENTS - in this big city there are many free events and festivals check the calendars more
1. Petronas Towers and area
2. KL Tower views over Petronas
1 hour audio tour 20rm
3 Old Town Walking Tour & Merdeka Independence Square
4 National Museum ( Tue, Thu 10am free tour)
5. Batu Caves Hindu Temple
35. The Eye on Malaysia Shows - now 7pm show - 9pm 3D lazer show all about Malaysia FREE

45 Extra Things you can do in KL

6. Tour the city forest park below KL Tower - 2 types of Monkey FREE tours
7. Little India - for Indian Food and Clothes (Saturday Night Market)
8. Chinatown Night Market
9. Central Market - Shop for Crafts/ Arts and Malaysian Souvenirs Night Market - Exhibitions and alternative shows in the annex
- b. Lake Gardens Area
10. The National Mosque
11. Islamic Arts Museum
12. Lake Gardens Park inc mousedeer, orchids, hibiscus, herbs, conservatory, rowing boats
13. Bird Park world's largest covered
14. The Butterfly Park
15. The National Planetarium
16. The National War Memorial
17. Asean Sculpture Garden

- c. Around Petronas Towers
18. Petronas Art Gallery
19. The Heritage Shop in Twin Towers
20. PetroSains - science exhibitions for kids
21. The Aquarium - expenive
21. Free Culture Show Weekends @ The Malaysian Tourist Centre

- d. In the Bukit Bintang Area (New Centre) :
22. Golden Triangle Bukit Bintang Walking Tour - see Shopping Malls and nightlife
23. Sungei Wang Plaza Trendy Japanese street fashion shops, roller skating rink
24. National Craft Centre
25. National Heritage Centre Badan Warisan a traditional house to explore
- d2. In the Times Square Area (A huge shopping Mall) :
26.Cosmoland An Indoor Theme Park
27. Imax Cinema
28. Borders bookshop - with sofas for reading
29. The Toddy Shop - A rundown haunt selling traditional coconut flour beer
30. Low Yat Plaza - The place to shop for computers and electronics

- e. Titiwangsa Lake Gardens Area :
32. National Art Gallery
33. National Theatre (Istana Budya) - somerimes free shows
34. The Eye on Malaysia - A large ferrous wheel

- Other Areas
36. Kampung Baru - A traditional Malay Area, Sat small night market
37.Traditional Market or Night Market - sample local fruits etc - Try Chow Kit or others across the city e.g. Sat Little India, Sunday Bangsar
38. Brickfields Area Walking tour - Buddist and Hindu Temples and another Toddy Shop
39. Thean Hou - Daoist Temple with a nice view

Old Town walking tour : ... Cross from Puduraya terminal turn left walk straight
Little India Lebuh Ampang one street of Indian restarants
Mashid Jamek Mosque
Little India Muslim good market, small gifts etc, Muslim clothes
Merdeka Independence Square
Fountain of Fly Eating Plant
High Court Building Clock Tower
Royal Sengor Club and cricket pitch
Asia's biggest Flagpole
History Museum FREE
extended : continue to the Old Station, National Mosque, Museum of Islamic Art, National Museum 2 RM, Lakeside Park (deer, Planetarium, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, National War Monument) Hibiscus Gardens and KL Orchid Garden

China Town walking tour
Central Market Building good for presents
Indian Temple and chariot
Chinatown night market - quite touristy
At KL Tower check out the 2 types of monkeys in the city on the naturewalk

Swimming 10 minutes walk up hill after China Town

Further Out

Day Pass - RM2 for U buses - RM2 for B buses - RM1 for local T buses
Theoretically there is a Day PassRM4 for a for unlimited rides on all RAPID KL buses, but you can't buy this on the bus.

Rapid KL Buses is a joint venture company between the government and the Devil.

40. Night Zoo
41. Sri Perdana ..Mahatir ex-Primeminster's preserved home
42. Istana Negara Palace 1Km beyond Chinatown- changing of the guard
43. Putraya New Capital visit Primeminster's House (weekdays), Large Mosque, Botanical Gardens, river cruise etc. Bus to Putrajaya from opposite Maybank Tower $2.50Rm
44. FRIM .. Forest Reserve and Canopy walk
45. Orang Asli (Indigenous Museum) .. and river swimming
46. Hulu Langat Lookout Point for the best views of the entire city more
47. National Science Center not great Cuti

48. Wheres the beach ?

Sunway Lagoon .. Very Impressive water park 19Rm Themepark +20Rm
49. University Botanical Garden - fee tours first Saturday
50. Genting Highlands Casino at a cool 2000m bus in the bus station basement or faster take the Putra LRT to north and change
51. Kuala Gandah Elephant Reserve 90 mins (govt funded)
51. Shopping Malls ..One Utama (the huge mall), Power City (next to ONe Utama), Mid Valley Megamall, Bangsar Shopping, Bangsar Village .. streets lined with European cafes etc good street market Sun night, there are many other malls also with weekly flea markets, Chow Kit (safe daytime) is one of the best Street Markets (mostly fruit and wet market) across the road is a second hand clothes market..leather jackets etc, around are cheap clothes shops
52. Hulu Langat Valley for the feeling of the countryside very near the city ..hotsprings, waterfalls, forest parks - SJ Bus 11 from Mydin my Hulu Langat report
53. Shah Alam X-Park Skateboarding, climbing, paintball, BMX etc pics
54. Shah Alam Blue Mosque and nearby royal museum etc
Shah Alam is a new city 30 minutes by KTM commuter train from many stations in KL
55. Rimbun Dahan Art gallery and architects house set in Malaysia's only Native Species Botanical Garden
56. Waterfalls & Hotsprings take bus 43 from Bkk Bank to Kanching Forest Park where there is a tier of 7 water falls, 2Km back towards town in Templer's Park, 2 Km further back just next the highway is Selayang Hotsprings FREE

Extra Museums - 1. The Police Museum, 2. The TM Telecommunications Museum, The Maybank Money Museum and Art Gallery, The National Bank Money Museum, 4 Ex-Primeminster's Museums (not that great)
- other - Fireflies, Kanching Waterfalls, hotspings, dark caves
30 More Things to do in KL

  1. Market visit - Chow Kit is the best
  2. Try the Malaysian Fruit : Durian, Durian Belanda, Jackfruit, Mangosteen, Mango, Coconut, Langsat (cat's eyes), Rambutan, Laici, Dokong, Pineapple, Cempedak
  3. Try Malaysian Indian food : Banana Leaf Meal, nasi goreng, mee goreng
  4. Try Malaysian Indian food 2 : Roti Cenai, Murtabak (like a meat pancake sandwich)
  5. Try Malay food : Eating with your hands, Nasi Lemak, Tom Yang, Nasi Kandar, Otak Otak, Sata, pachadi, Sup Gearbox, Nasi Ambeng
  6. Try Malay food 2 : sweet : Rojak, Tapai, Lemang, Dodol, Ais Kacang, Egg Tart, Kek Pisang (Banana Cake), Kuih Muih
  7. Try Chinese food : Dim Sum, fish, Tau Foo Fah
  8. Try Chinese food 2 : char koay teow, Nyona Cendol
  9. Drink Teh Tarik
  10. Drink Teh Halia (ginger tea)
  11. Drink Tongkat Ali
  12. Drink Cendol
  13. Drink Chinese Kopi
  14. Drink Bandung
  15. Drink Toddy
  16. Go to a Malaysian gig
  17. Go to a free concert - almost every Saturday or Sunday in Merdeka square, or next to the Coliseum in little India, or at the central market Annex or in Times Square etc as well as many festivals around town etc

In Malaysia
Malacca- is worth a second look as it's halfway to being improved to a standard like Singapore. - Usually I tell tourists it takes 1 day, but these days you need 2.
Singapore - I recommend travelling to/from KL by sleeper train from/to JB, but do the Singapore to JB border crossing by local bus 170 Rm1.80
- then after Malaysian customs walk 200m along the road to the JB train station.
Taman Negara NP Jungle Getting there train 6pm
Cameron Highlands ..walking tea plantations
Frasers Hill info ..birdwatching
East Coast, beaches, like Cherating
Sungai Lembing historic mining town
East Coast Island diving Tioman, Perinthians
Langkawi duty free beaches, no buses

More opening hours etc
More KL pics
To the LCCT (AirAsia) terminal. First LRT/bus/taxi to KL Sentral (2Km) then outside there is a Red bus, charging RM9 each way. The service every 20 minutes, operational from 3.30am to midnight daily. a shuttle bus from KLIA to the LCCT is RM1.50 each.
to KLIA for other airlines
Taxi 70Rm (80Rm: 2 people), 40 mins Ask at Reception
Train 35Rm + every 20 mins Express (30 mins)/Transit(35 mins) : Taxi, bus or LRT to KL Sentral first,
Airport Bus 10Rm from KL Sentral
Luxury Bus 20Rm , 60 mins ..not near here
Slow and cheap 7Rm Kommuter train (from Puduraya walk to Old Station) to Nilai then bus (Start : 07:15 End : 22:30) 4.50Rm
Scenic Way If you have a evening flight, you can visit the new capital Putrajaya on the way to the airport. Big Mosque/ Nature Gardens/ Primeminster's House (weekdays) etc. Bus to Putrajaya from opposite Maybank Tower $2.50Rm, Putrajaya train to the airport 10Rm.

Tourist Info ? Now new kiosks at Petaling Street and inside Central Market Building
KL Tourist Box 9-5pm corner of Bukit Bintang and Jalan Ismail walk 15 mins
KL Tourist Info 9-6pm In Little India next to Coliseum Cinema walk 15 mins
Inside KL Sentral by Taxi, bus or LRT
Next to National Museum
Main Malaysian Tourism 9-8pm 5 mins from Petronas on Jalan Ampang (you pass this on the bus)

Supermarkets ?
Mydin opposite Maybank Tower, small can't take bags in, good for other bargains
Hot Market 4th Floor Building next to the Chinatown footbridge
UO supermarket/ foodcourt upstairs, far end of Chinatown market
Bukit Bintang basement of Times Square or Sungei Plaza

How do I get Cheap Air Tickets ? - Try AIRASIA.com

They have an office inside Station Sentral
(They don't fly to Vietnam; go to Phenom Pen and take the bus,
or take Tiger from Sg to Hanoi)
Also try Tiger Airways out of Singapore

Indonesian visas (needed for Swedes and Dutch) take at least 3 working days maybe 4

Where can I change money ? At any of the change money booths around the city and in shopping malls. Most have the same rates ... some take travellers checks. One is downstairs before 7 Eleven

How do I get to KL Sentral ? (it's 2.5 Km) walk to China Town foot bridge you should be able to pick up a bus for 90c, if you walk a little further you can see the overhead railway Pasir Seni. You can travel one stop to Sentral. If you are using the local Kommuter train, you can walk a little further and cross the road and pick it up at the old KL station.

Where's the post office ? walk across the road and head west into town. Pass chinatown and 400 m you'll see the big building across the road. There's also a small one upstairs in the bus station.

Where are the bars ? :In this area is the Reggae Bar (10Rm beer) (left after Chinatown footbridge), The Hole in the Wall bar (far end of Chinatown) and the Club Liquid (north side of Central Market), The government doesn't want locals to drink beer so it's expensive; cheapest is to go to the convenience store in China town near Watsons Pharmacy and get a bottle of Liquor for a rooftop party here.
Towards Bukit Bintang Large Screen sports video on the street (walk 10 mins) turn left past the hospital through the alley to Tingkat Tong Shin walk further to Hotel Radius around 5 bars Irish pubs etc
Bukit Bintang a few bars on this street ..further up .. the more expensive
KLCC flash bars on the street Ram Lee
Bangsar Village Fashionable Sidewalk bars etc, inc Irish pub (sports TV) bus No 5 from Pasar Seni Station
Clubs : Zouk has top DJs : others see
juiceonline.com parties and KLUE Magazine

Where to Eat : Puduraya Anuja 24 Hour Malaysian food upstairs.
Anuja Banana Leaf Buffet Lunch Mon-Fri,
Maybank tower Garden Food court turn right at 7/11 and past the Indian Temple (30 stalls, cheap M-F),
Merdeka Square Food Court with Tobacco water pipes behind the Fly eating plant fountain,
Marche World (3Fl in Sungai Wan Plaza) Western Meals $10 including icecream etc.
Inside Maybank Lobby food court : Fish and Chips $5 M-F

Embassy List some old, Gov Pick list seems to be newer than full list

Airline Offices Incomplete see KL Lifestyle magazine a listings

Kuala Lumpur Tourist Police: Hotline (HQ) (+603) 2149 6590 Enquiries (+603) 2149 6593

- GETTING AROUND KL - Buy one of the excellent new bus guides booklets. It's a bright yellow booklet called BasTren KL available at all bookstores for 5Rm. Website vectordesigns.org. It has real road maps with the bus routes clearly marked on, (instead of those confusing Picasso like schematic maps from Rapid KL). It really is excellent. Good on Burger King for Sponsoring it.

Real Indigenous Crafts Direct

- Lookout for Gerai OA Stall at events
ph : Reita (+60) 19 751 8686
reitafaidarahim AT yahoo.com.my

The Best view of the city is from the Hulu Langat Lookout

Links : NEW : Good KL Travel Blogs





KL events

Green Organisations

Inside Batu Caves at Thaipusam Festival

High Court Building

Putrajaya new capital

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Good Dentist is behind YMCA across the road from KL Sentral 03-2273 1192
(dentists in centre didn't seem that good)

- Heritage Asia Magazine with lots of interesting articles about Culture and History

Kuala Lumpur Tourist Police: Hotline (HQ) (+603) 2149 6590 Enquiries (+603) 2149 6593

- Indonesian Embassy - on Jalan Tun Razak to the North east of the Bukit Bintang from the BB monorail walk straight up Bintang walk 15 minutes past the expensive shops hotels. - it used to take 4 working days so Malacca maybe faster
- Sometimes they ask to see your airline tickets, but things change
- buy ferry tickets in KL at a new place in the centre : ANA 9-8pm 016 367 6670 behind the McDonald's which faces Central Market 80rm + 15rm tax to Dumai from Malacca or Port Klang, Penang Medan 100rm + tax, other agents are inconveniently outside the old Immigration office @ Damansara Town Centre

- Singapore Embassy - on Jalan Tun Razak more towards the jalan Ampang side bus B113 to Maluri passes

- These embassies are on Jalan Ampang going from KLCC to futher out the city
- First is the Chinese visa Centre opposite the MCA building and City Bank Tower - visa 48hours
- 500m further is the Thai Embassy
- 500m further is the Russian Embassy