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I went to volunteer at the San Andres Peten Ecological park, cos you just pay $5 a day. But I was convinced that the project was worthwhile and that I was having a good time.

Tues - I took the bus to Rio Dulce and stayed at Backpackers. On Wednesday I went in a extremely overloaded barge to visit their childrens home called Casa Guatemala. It was interesting to see the project... I t clearly wasn`t a disaster the kid didn`t rob me or anything , but I still remain cynical about this type of project especially when few volunteers could converse in Spanish.

San Agustin
I went to check out a local self help project called ADIPSA and helped them set up a web site http://espanol.geocities.com/adipsaweb

I went up to visit some of the villagers. My overall impression was that people probably have too many chidren so that the land has been subdivided too many times to remain sustainable.


Just wondering around a bit

Plans ..I'll see what happens I could travel in Central America and end up working in Costa Rica, maybe not although on the surface it seems normal there is something definitely sinister about this part of the continent less than 10 years ago soldiers were brutually massacaing 100s of thousands of villagers ... no wonder there´s high gun crime the whole culture must be traumatised by terror like this... and I want to stay alive

Just got a photo from Erik Donoso my old student in Chile.. showing his family

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