UK : Jan/Feb 2002

I Hate England, but one thing I do like is some of the TV and listening to the radio
Too cold to do anything So I spent a lot of time sleeping and watching TV : 95% of the programmes are crap, but there are some gems in the remaining 5%

Some Very Good Inspiring Documentaries :
Fact Or Fiction -Braveheart (it showed of course Mel Gibson's film was a total fabrication of the life of William Wallace, the real story was much more complex; he was a bit of a vicious crook , he had a brilliant battle, but then he made some crappy decsions and lost to the English, no one liked him much at the time, but the ended up being romanticised centuries later)
Derren Brown - Mind Control (A brilliant magician demonstrates such clever psychological techniques, you would swear he must psychic)Is it possible that the government and big companies are using these "brainwashing" techniques on the general public every day.
Good Hypnotism tips

Would Like to Meet They took 6 people and a team of experts trained them to have more confidence, dress better, talk to strangers and flirt etc. It was quite impressive they really improved the people. tips

some other pretty neat programmes :
The Big Stage Magic Show with Bradley Walsh (very impressive slick magic), Bill Bailey, Dad's Army, Scrap Heap Challenge

Films : Much A Do About Nothing (amusing and light not the best production I have seen), Merchant Of Venice (RSC pretty good), Jaws, Wag The Dog (surprisingly intelligent considering it's American, makes your worst paranoid fears about government manipulation of the media seem plausible), Sliding Doors (Peter Howitt, a good attempt at progressive drama in the mould of Graham Greene), Rush Hour (very light, but not bad), Othello (set in the modern day London Metropolitan Police Force)(a very good adaption, but cos it cut 70% of the original Shakespeare text it lost the real magic), Carman (Bizet's opera done as a modern dance production set in a car repair shop - quite impressive)

Radio 4 and radio 5 : Dead Ringers, From Our Own Correspondent, Up All Night, etc

Why the World Loves to Hate America By Moisés Naím

Israel in 600 Words or Less Etgar Keret, LA Weekly

Books About Mediums : Doris Stokes and Betty Shine These two frequently spoke to dead people who are not dead but continue living in paradise in another dimension. This leads to a whole list of amazing phenomena. ESP, EVP, OBE objects moving and materialising , miracle cures. What's it all about ?
I conclude the books are quite convincing, but they don't give any proof. So it's all very interesting maybe you don't have to be afraid of death, but I believe it doesn't make any difference all you can do is try to live life as a good person.
More and My analysis

Where next : I don't know where... Cuba, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Australia or New Zealand. The Aguero sisters : Cristina Garcia - no the most exciting book I ever read

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