My Travels in
Northern Coast Of Spain

Day 42 Saturday 16th ,boring ,Muxia

Sick of walking ,but this is Spain, it's Saturday so there are few buses and people don't pick up hitch hikers; so I walk 20 Km+ anyway. I hate Spain !

Day 43 Sunday 17th ,Ponte del Puerta, Camille - Laxe (walk 20 Km), Coruņa ,

8:00 bus to Puente del Puerto 
10:30 walk to camelle 
11:30 arrived 
12:30 walk along  coast 
3:30 arrived in Laxe, look around 
6:35 bus to Coruņa - look around 
Monday -
heavy rain, lighthouse , body museum, to Bentanzos- museum etc
Tuesday - Bentanzos
Wednesday - Cariņo- San Andres de Teixado-Mereide (walk)
Thursday - Viveiro (old town) - Ribadeo -(nice place stayed at pilgrims hostel
Friday - To Oviedo, to Cangas de Onis
Saturday -
Valley de Cares (walk), Arenas - local Castralles cheese - strong like Danish blue
Sunday - No bus so hitch hike -Panes - San Vicente - Santillana
(well preserved and picturesque) - Santander
Monday - to Santander
Galicia map
Tuesday - Castro - Caldo -thin chicken soup with croutons OK for 125pts
to Bilbao
Wednesday - to Durango -
to Urquiola - closed
to Vitoria-Gal - look around, museums cathedral repairs porch amazing carvings
Thursday -
walk in countryside outside, Roman village -closed - all pensions full so bus to Laguardia really cold at night.
Friday -
in Laguardia - cathedral most amazing painted wood carvings in the porch -photo. Walk through countryside Walk through countryside dolmens La Hoya Roman village -closed , walked over the sierra to Berado, just before dark, no hotels so slept in church porch.
Saturday -
bus to Vitoria, to Arrete to boring village walk 6 Km to next boring village - festival in Ermua .. But dark had to take train to San Sebastion to sleep
Sunday -
Go to Honderria - walled fishiny village , balconies.

What is Basque ?A punkish atmosphere

- rough looking youths smoking dope in bars whilst heavy metal music blares out. A large number of women with their hair dyed fiery red.

Before this Camino de Santiago

Next .. New Zealand, Australia , Fiji , Korea

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