UK 97 ..Back in the UK for the Culture ?.......31/7/97

Got sick of the Costa Del Sol..not really mind kind of place or people..(you know it's OK if you want to sit on the beach all day and get drunk)..anyway it was going to get too hot and busy in the summer for me.

So I thought I would seek out the culture in the UK for the summer ? (what weather !) and try to meet some good people and get some good ideas.

  • Essential Festival in Brighton - Bit crap really...I would like to go to a good dance music event, I paid 35 quid and the only group worth seeing was the chemical brothers. I was looking forward to seeing the Future Sound of London ..I was right in front of the massive stage whenn the roady pulled back the curtain on a bank of 64 TV monitors ...yes they played live via ISDN from their office ....!!!
  • Spent some time in London visiting the Comedy clubs..what a load of crap ..anyone thinks they can be a comedian these days ..I'm never going to pay to see comedy again !!!
  • Since I don't need to work these days ( In spent 4 years at University ....what a waste they only need to teach you how to open building society accounts !) I am looking around for good charities to do voluntary work for .....I've been helping the BTCV clearing park paths and the lower Lea volunteer group ...I'm helping the Howard League
  • Saw some great Shakespeare...Twelfth Night by the Night Wiches Theatre Ravenscourt Park 7pm, between the boating lake and the tearoom. FREE just drop a donation into the bucket at the end. As I expected in a non commercial production the actors were really trying hard, every single member gave a truly inspired performance. It help[ed that they cose one of Shakespeare's wittiest and cleverest plays . There was impressive use of a set consiting of a lawn two trees and a big black box.

    The only fault was that it didn't go on long enough at 1 hour 30 mins , they cut the most they could but still the story was understandable ...welll except to the bloke who wrote the Time Out review. It would have been better with an interval so you have chance to eat your picnic. GO AND SEE IT

  • check out FREE WEBPAGES, or these guys with automatic webpage contruction">
  • Great South East of England event guide GUILFIN
Will go up to Edinburgh in Mid August -- see you there

last postcards from last year In Marbella , Travelling in Spain

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