317 Back in UK : Wow I am Tired

I have finally arrived back in Scunthorpe after the big journey thro' China, Siberia and Russia.

As I expected the most difficult part of the journey was actually getting from the Manchester Airport to Scunthorpe. In Latvia I took a train to the capital and then a easy 25c bus ride to the airport. For many reasons I always hitch-hike to my parents place. But hitching out of Manchester Airport was a nightmare ..you can't hitch out of the airport, in other places the roads have fast entry points with nowhere for people to stop, junctions were motorway to motorway junctions so it's illegal to be there on foot (so I got stopped by the traffic police). In the end after 9 hours a lot of walking and waiting and getting a huge great bump on my head cos a sign was exactly the same height as my hat so I couldn't see it and I walked right into it ! I had travelled 160Km and my mum drove 50Km to pick me up. Travelling Russia despite the hassle was often easier than that.

Russia is difficult to travel in.

It's not quite ready for tourism like other countries .Bureaucracy means routine things can be difficult and English is not common. So I am drained.. Now I have to spend some time re-organising and recharging myself after all the stress of travelling in Russia and China.. but I made it !

Rip off Britain the only places to change money charge a $6 minimum commission. And anywhere to use a public phone the minimum charge is 50c.

When I arrived I had 5Kg of junk email to check through.

PS it's hot here it's 23 C today and tomorrow it will be 27 C ..ie cold compared to most other countries .. Actually it is the hottest July ever some places had temperatures over 30C. ..people in other countries don't appreciate how good their transport systems and climate are.

cutting Dad's hair .. and Mum in the garden

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