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Discovering a better Italy and meeting many kind people
- I returned to Pompei for planning English teaching work, but I decided instead of sitting in front of the computer I should meet up with work in the old fashioned way. So I decided to walk the Via Appian from Mondragone to Rome... In 2 weeks I really saw a good side of Italy

Via Appia on Wikipedia why-ride-a-bike-on-the-appian-way, biking after Benevento

- Because a number of sections are now freeway I decided not to be fascist about walking and sometimes hopped on the bus, but sometimess also walked a few Km off the track to visit interesting places

.. see Wikipedia page Appian_Way

Part 2

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607 - Fri - Mondragone
- Sat - to Formia and Gaeta Castle
- Sun - to Formia -
- Mon - to Itri
- Tue - Itri, Museo del Brigantaggio past old road to Fondi
607a - Wed visited the national park office then hiked to Terracina passing 3 different towers ..one a cardinals house, another a Roman tower, then the Fishermans Tower
- Thu - Terracina
607b - Fri - Sabaudia
- Sat - Sabaudia - Sezze to Ninfa
607c - Sun - Ninfa English gardens, not much cop if you are British
- Mon - Latina - amazing museum : Museo Storico Piana delle Orme
607d Norma & Cori Ancient places
607e Volcano lake areas : Castelo Gandalfo & Rome
607f Ancient Road Into Rome
607g In Rome

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Wow Lazio is impressive
...compared with other parts of Italy I just finished walking the Via Appia to Rome ..I discovered some real gems, historic sites, culture and friendly people ...those dumb tourists who read the Lonely planet (90 pages on Lazio of which 80 pages are on Rome) are really missing out ..they should get to places like Terecina, Sermoneta (with it's artist community), the Fascist architecture towns of Mussolini and all those untouristed fortified medieval hill towns.

- I hoped to bump into some work and give some lectures ...

My Advert

- This is Stewart Green from the UK I have been travelling for 21 years through more than 108 countries, working as I travel in many diferent jobs ...from being paid to watch football, to being an English teacher in 7 countries to being in a movie with Jackie Chan. I will be coming to your town soon as I walk sections of the old Roman pilgrim road the Via Francigena to Rome - One thing I do is stop off in smaller towns like yours and visit an English School to give a guest lecture. This is interesting for the students and they always have lots of questions so it gives them to practice their English by interacting with a native speaker.

- If you think this would be interesting for yor students please contact me to arrange a time.

- I charge €30 for a 1 hour presentation or €50 for 2 presentations .. With a discount of €15 if you can privide a room for me to sleep.

I just left Viterbo, but I will return in about 2 weeks as I show my friend Vilma from Venezuela some of the places I have discovered.

More information about me is available on my website.


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