I was in South America for 19 months. I travelled in Brazil , worked in Araraquara São Paulo State.
Then at carnival I travelled north and along the Amazon 4000 Km to
Bolivia .After 53 hours on one bus I travelled Bolivia and then found work in Chile.
April to July 1999 I taught English to the executives of a desert mine.
Then I travelled through
Peru and Ecuador. (dicovering that the old Inca capital Cusco is the most interesting place in the American continent)
I worked
again in Chile from October till Christmas and then set off to complete the rest of South America. I travelled in North Argentina , and south all the way in Chile. Then in Argentina I hitch-hiked from Tierra Del Fuego to Buenos Aires. Next I visited Uruguay and Paraguay and covered the South of Brazil to return to Sao Paulo and Rio completed the whole circuit.


on the Amazon
5 - Getting To Know Brazil 16/10/98 to 5/11/98- Sao Joao del Rei , Ouro Preto, Vitoria, Rio, Teresopolis, the California of Brazil.
6.- The Heat Of Arraquara 26/11/98
7- Teaching A Summer Course 19/12/98
8- Christmas in Brazil 19/12/98
9.- 18/2/99 Amazing Carnaval In Brazil (not) 19/12/98
10.- 22/2/99 Up The Amazon 19/12/98
11. 16/3/99 Just arrived in Porto Velho
Meu Diário Português 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5,
What I learned about Brazil * * Strange things in Brazil

My Mate Cobra
BOLIVIA 12. 29/3/99 The Really Rough Roads of Bolivia *** 13. Monday 26/4/99 Across The Desert To Chile

no rain for 9 years

14. Wednesday 16/6/99 Living in a Desert Mining Town
15. Saturday 10/7/99 it's good to get away from my mañoso bosses

here what I learnt about Chilean business methods. HERE

ME picture
Maria Elena , desert mining town
PERU / ECUADOR 16. Saturday 10/7/99 On the Road in Peru
17. Wednesday 4/8/99 Machu Picchu Lives Up To The Hype
18. Wednesday 4/8/99 Hiking the ruins of Cusco
19. Wednesday 4/8/99 The Inca Trail To Machu Picchu
20. Wednesday 4/8/99 At Machu Picchu
21. Wednesday 4/8/99 lost in the jungle again !
22. Monday 23/8/99 Up and Down, Up and Down to Lima
23. Monday 23/8/99 Lima is not so bad
24. Monday 23/8/99 More Ruins and a village festival
25. Monday 23/8/99 Ecuador ..The not so relaxed Valley of Longevity
26. Tuesday 2/9/99 Travel fatigue and Mugged
27. Tuesday 16/9/99 volunteer work /I Hate Mosquitos
28. Tuesday 16/9/99 Back In Lima
29. 18/9/99 Snowboarding the sand dunes..Back to Chile

The mystical Inca sunrock

Vilma in the Salt desert
30. 28/11/99 Kindess Competition
31. 28/11/99 Visitor from Venezuela
32 Argentina is cheap ...(not!)
33 ..15/1/00 Climbing A Volcano ,
34. 18/1/00 Rodeo, BBQ and students..Some Photos of Maria Elena
35. 30/1/00 New Photos of Arica and P.N. Lauca (Lago Chungara)
36. Osorno to Punta Arenas 17/2/00 ..forest, glaciers and hard hitching !

The theatre in Maria Elena
ARGENTINA 37. Argentina - Kind People in nowhere places 17/2/00 ...Travelling in Tierra Del Fuego
38. Hitching up Patagonia...4000 Km !
39. Buenos Aires is too much ..and meeting the President
40. The English School in Santo Tome, Travelling in Uruguay
41. 25/3/00 Paraguay... not a banana republic ..I still hate mosquitoes !...
42. 15/4/00 The Kind People of Araraquara...
43. 4/5/00 Back in England

To help you ...My list of good places to stay in South America

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my route -BRAZIL : Rio, São João Del Rei, BH., Ouro Preto, Vitoria, Rio, Petropolis, Teresopolis, RP,
Araraquara.....WORK...........................Goiania, Brasilia, Salvador, Maceio, Recife, Olinda, Joaõ Pessoa , Fortaleza,São Luis ,Belem , Santarem, Manaus, Porto Velho,
Bolivia : Riberalta, Rurrenabaque, Coroico, La Paz, sorata, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Samaipata, Sucre, Potosi, Uyni Salt Desert
Chile : San Pedro, Calama, AntoFagasta, Maria Elena,WORK, Iqueque, Arica
Peru : Tacna, Areqipa, Puno, Cusco, Quillabamba, Abancay, Andauallyas, Ayacucho, Huanacayo, Tarmma, Lima, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Motupe, Piura, Tumbes
Ecuador : Loja, Vilcabamba, Cuenca

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