52 Debunking Fracking Scares

- Summary - Fracking - no smoking faucet found
- Before I didn't know much about fracking. I had a feeling that there were negatives like any large industry process, and that there would be some harm, but that it would be nowhere near onther things like the 10 deaths a day from cars accidents in the UK. Secondly I know the green movement goes totally over the top on it's scares ..and the actual numbers never match the real numbers e.g. GMO, nuclear etc. But that they have a point in highlighting some errors oil companies had made.
- At the end I felt that Fracking is much safer than I thought, the green movement isn't able to show any cases they have won in court. Unlike the BP case billions have not being paid out. And the Green movement and particularly Josh Fox rather than naive ..seem evil and manipulative. Really hyping things up and seemingly unable to answer criticsm with facts they rsort to namecalling and shutting down freedom of speech.

Correcting Trolls Hyping Fracking comments
some malicious warmest twit just destroyed 3 hours of my life. where is the climate skeptics wiki or dictionary with it's quick bottom lines about Fracking & those faked flaming faucets ?

Yesterday on a tech forum last night - someone suddenly puts a link to - Environmental risks of "Hydrofracking"
- OK I say that links to a 2011 article some one is trying to scare you ..and they can't come up with any newer info"
- then some other nutcase pipes in "- people living near fracking sites that can now light their water on fire. on TV."
- being a good boy I Google to check my facts 1 hour wasted.
- the thing is gas coming up from the earth is often a natural phenomena...Google Google..in fact both of those examples in Gasland were proved by the Colorado government analysis to be gas from natural sources
- "companies can put secret multi chemical containing water into the ground ", "Fracking will make the rivers dirty"
I google and answer - no they can't the law is strong
"we cannot predict what will happen"
YES we can - 20 years of Fracking in the states and no significant problem, NO LEGAL WINS for green groups
- Google Google : quote UK gov report
"yeh but how can the COLORADO government have tested that FAUCET IN TEXAS, cos the faucet I saw on my TV was in Texas"
- You're an evil activist pretending to be a public
- Google Google : TEXAS CASES
- in 2010 Steven Brock case appeared in late 2010 disappeared in 2011 as if proved fake or settled.
- in 2012 Steve Lipsky case : Feb. 18, 2012 "A judge has concluded that a Parker County resident, owner of a methane-contaminated water well, created a "deceptive video" that was "calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning." - then April 2012 "EPA drops action against Range Resources over Parker County wells" alledgedly due to political pressure (really ? Obabma Whitehouse)
- 23 April 2013 "In a ruling today, the Texas Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth let stand two of Range’s claims against Steven Lipsky

After all that journey where are we ?

Fracking SCARY MAN, flaming faucets, Evil Chemicals, ooh earthquakes , saw it on TV, radio active materials
BOTTOM LINE - the 2 faucets in the Gasland movie were proved by Colorado gov - to have the fingerprint of naturally effect not fracking gas. official US government info sheet :
BL : Flaming faucets long before fracking ..newspaper stories : first one was 1951 http://eidmarcellus.org/blog/extinquishing-the-flaming-faucet-exploding-the-myth/2845/
BL : Evil Chemicals : There are proper safety lawa & corps wouldn't be sued like BP if they do bad.
BL : Radioactive materials : sounds scary, but everything is radioactive including your body : The biggest source of radio-active dust is from NATURAL forest fires etc.
BL : Earthquakes : - well the UK report shows that due to tectonic plates stresses are building up in the,earth all the time, which will turn make earthquakes eventually and occasionally fracking can release these earthquakes (which were going to happen anyway) early. So that can be good thing preventing them building up onto bigger earthquakes.
BL : Feb. 18, 2012 Steve Lipsky LOST case : "A judge has concluded that a Parker County resident, owner of a methane-contaminated water well, created a "deceptive video" that was "calculated to alarm the public into believing the water was burning." .. he's been sued for defamation April 2013

1. Too bad to be true rule, since the multi-national eco-activist charities have $1.3bn/year to spend, if there were any legitimate cases we'd know about them.
2. NO LEGAL wins against : 20 years of Fracking in the states and no significant problem, was found by the courts
3. Beware the false dichotomy : Nature = Good CHEMICAL = bad it's not that black and white simple : nature is very very dangerous ..there is NATURAL poison everywhere : volcanoes etc. Even natural processes have negative consequences : radio-active dust from forest fires etc.
4. Every positive action in life - also has a chance of negative effects also. (same for green industries : wind turbines fall down etc. )
5. Modern industry IMPROVES with overall positives bigger than negatives, Thankfully due to technology conquering nature our average lifespan is longer than ever
6 fracking is the MAIN reason why energy is much cheaper in the US
7. there there will be some event sometime, (sometimes normal gas pipelines can fracture ) like any industry, but companies will get sued so will do their upmost to stay in the law.
8 . Even if 10 people had already died that would be nothing in perspective magnitudes more people have died collect firewood or cow dung for the fire. Tough on those it happens to, but with 7 billion people on the planet death does come early to some people.
9. Magnitude fallacy - .you don't stop the auto industry- cos 1 person had a accident : in any industry there will be negative impacts .... Even if 10 people had already died that would be nothing in perspective magnitudes more people have died collect firewood or cow dung for the fire
10. Beware activists cherry HIGHLIGHTING OUTDATED news reports
11. Proper peer reviewed science is often imperfect, but generally MUCH more reliable than what you read in the papers or forums .. when anyone with a keyboard and a grudge can say what they want

- toryaardvark.com debunks Gasland point by point

BBL - 20 years of fracking and the super well resourced Green Activist Industry HAS NOT even won 1 case .. thats tends to make me believe Fracking is pretty safe

As Ever it's Easier to hype, distort & spread fear than TRUTH

Fracknation Film

In 20+ years of Fracking in the US how Many $$ have the courts ordered awarded against the Oil companies ?
about $0

Fracknation Film
Some one seems to have put the entire Fracknation Film on Youtube .. the link is now dead

- it's just another one of those films made by RIGHT WING activists
..oh hang on They are outnumbered by green left activist film-makers 1000 to 1 These 3 film-makers are clearly right wing activists, that doesn't mean that's wrong. They are an Irish couple (Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney) who's recent output is all anti-green including a pro-mining film & anti-Gore film and shorts exposing Green hypocrisy. working with a Polish film-maker who trained with them (now all based in LA .
- see her strong dinner speech

The Fracknation website doesn't contain good written material but the film does look strong. BEST Fracknation trailer (15 min long)
..including the bit where the government employee bring in the lawyer to seize the film , after she found out he isn't a left-wing activist like she expected
- The killer is Josh Fox ..instead of answering a straight question suddenly turning very aggressive and intolerant ..he does eventually actually say Yes, but then used underhand tactics to remove the film footage of this from the public domain.
- The film does seem both independent, non-corporate as well as professional and credible .. and I can't spot any obvious flaws.
(I can see from the Wikipedia Talk details that activisits tried to get the films Wikipedia page removed, but no one ever tries that with green-left films)

- a black guy ..so obviously paid to promote this film , that it's counterproductive
- Fracknation on Facebook
- Fracknation.com
- Their Directory page has about 30 videos

One of their earlier videos - Gore avoiding a simple, but embaressing question. Confronted with a tough question whilst walking in the UN building Gore team strong refused to lpause 1 second "You've repeatedly said the oldest Climategate email is 10 years, when in fact it's 2 months, would you like to correct ?"

Following the Money
- There is no doubt oil/gas companies have $100m to spend on PR, but where does the cash come from the anti-fracking movement ..is it all really "grassroots" ?

- Some one said "if you want to know why Josh Fox lies then follow the money"

- anyone know who financed Gasland ?
- IMDB says HBO and International WOW Company (Sweet Jane Productions Inc listed as NYC non-profit,financed green activist films )
- Gasland II ONLY credits HBO but "Apparently funded with help from Debra Winger" ..that's a pretty detailed page
- complemented by this one and this real big debunk , full library

- "NGOs and Foundations provided over $35 million in 2012 to groups working to block shale development", Their facebook page

- loud takedown
- "And, we now know the Park Foundation has funded Fox. So all the usual suspects have been enablers."

- From Josh Fox own FB page "His work has received grants from The Park Foundation, The Fledgling Fund, The Sundance Institute via Cinereach, the 11th Hour Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, The MAP Fund, The Doris Duke Charitable Trust, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council for the Arts, The Ford Foundation, The Asian Cultural Council, The Japan Foundation, The Japan United States Friendship Council, The Cultural Ministry of Germany, The Audrey Love Foundation and many others."

- Fox profiteering from his film ..swanky parties with his $7500 appearance fee paid by colleges to brainwash kids

- yes where is the rebuttal of Fracknation ? - or are they scared, cos they wouldn't legally get away with accusations ?

Muzzling Sir Patrick Moore

Sir Patrick Moore was a skeptic, but never gave a view in his TV prog

- (On The BBC Daily Politics Soapbox page there are 6 opinions on Climate Change. Apart from Ball & Rod Liddle the other 4 are alarmist pieces from top thinkers like Bianca Jagger , Piers Morgan etc )

- ooh and this is very good video : A debunking of the global warming agenda, from Roy W. Spencer, former NASA climatologist and climate expert.

Tying in muzzled Patrick Moore into Fracknation

- Patrick Moore's views on Global Warming Hype being muzzled ties into that movie Fracknation that ties into Brainwashing Kids that ties into Fake reality and that ties into Certainty

How come we have heard about Gasland 100 times, but we have only just heard about Fracknation, ?
How come I never heard of their 2009 film Not
Evil Just Wrong
which countered Al Gore ?
How come I have never heard about Truthland in 2012, that the gas industry financed a credible film by schoolteacher mom that counters Gasland ?

What is reality? Reality is what goes into your eyes and into your ears ..and if I control those INPUTS I can control YOUR REALITY

- So if you are a school kid and you are spoonfed that brainwashing that Johnny Ball talked about, and then you are made to watch An Inconvenient Truth 3 times, but discouraged from reading any skeptical books or watch any skeptical films ( 3 min Video story of this event ) and spoonfed a picture that solar and windfarms are such a magic solution that they can power the world ..then you that schoolkid are going to have a totally warped REALITY in your head.
But kept away from any alternative views you will be CERTAIN of what you have been told.

- If you as a TV controller are CERTAIN that the Global warming is the simple meme : CO2 is linked to rising temperatures and CO2 is ever rising due to man, then you are certain that temperature is heading towards catastrophe and certain the problem is URGENT . So when some eco-activists come to you and say it's very important that the "childrens" minds not get muddied so lets keep the TV output ON-MESSAGE and keep off 'troubler-makers' ".. you'll say yes "makes sense to me"

- The BBC website gives me "the CAGW Scare story of the day" everyday ..yet I have never heard of these skeptical films. I wonder if media industry people have decided that the best policy of countering skeptics is just starve them of the oxygen of publicity rather than counter
..see how Fracknation and Not Evil Just Wrong get almost no official newspaper reviews
[see how on IMDB Fracknation has very positive citizen reviews BUT
6.6/10 Fracknation overall 63% of people gave it 10/10, 11% gave it 1/10 - all 13 who bothered wrote a review raved and 12 gave it 10/10 & the other guy 9/10
9.6/10 Gasland II overall 63% of people gave it 10/10, 25% gave it 1/10 - only 1 citizen review
(and even stronger effect for Not Evil Just Wrong it gets 5.6/10 courtesy of 28% giving it 1/10) ]

- I see in 2012 There was already a Industry Financed Rebutall of Gasland called Truthland
Truthland : the rebuttal fact page
GOOD 5 min counter to flaming faucet
An activist claims to have a debunk of Truthland

- Industry financed counter to Promised Land

- A very strong interview about Fracknation : Phelim McAleer says his film is financed by ONLY ordinary citizens (They sent any industry donations back) so that was 3000+ donors with an average donation of $75 (I've seen the list in the film credits)

..but was Fracknation deceiptful ?
In this earlier video in Chicago Josh Fox does seem to answer the question
and not be so evasive..even though he admits he knew often "there is methane in ground water, it happens"
... I wonder if it was recut later to make him look even more evil or was it just a different occasion ?

Conclusion : made me move from thinking that there is a small danger due to oil companies being incomptetent to entertaining the thought that Josh Fox the maker of Gasland is an evil manipulative liar

More on Green Censorship of Fracknation

FRACKNATION Professor Stephen Schneider’s assistant requested armed UN security officers who held film maker Phelim McAleer clearly security guard censor him at the uN

deliberatley menacing review
"The climax here, a public confrontation between McAleer and Fox, turns anti-climactic. Fox simply ignores his antagonist and has him kicked out of the museum where Fox is speaking. With many of McAleer’s facts coming from casual Internet searches (backed by boring shots of the computer screen), the accuracy of this crowd-sourced documentary — funded by small donations on Kickstarter — seems as reliable as a Wikipedia entry. "

It's malicious deception a deliberately misleading review by MIRIAM BALE
"Evaluating your Fracknation review and responding here as a best-selling nonfiction author and award winning journalist, I must say I'd fire you if I was your editor for your deceiving review of Phelim McLeer's film. Artistic criticism is one thing, and you're entitled to it. But your review breaches the threshold of malice with the line "facts coming from casual internet searches" while you ignore the in-depth, on-the-ground reporting by McLeer with farmers, top scientists, environmental officials and a host of other primary sources, not to mention his expose of filmmaker Josh Fox and the apparent fraud in "Gasland." Even the NY Times gave a thumbs up. And you do a disservice to not only journalists everywhere, but, more importantly, your readers as well."... Lowell Cauffiel
So MIRIAM BALE is a unreliable source and probably a green activist.

when they went to Gasland2 Premiere - Seems like Phelim McLeer tried Foxes own protest techniques, by taking Farmers to the Gasland2 Premiere, and then asking difficult questions. Josh Fox took exactly the same line as you'd expect from Coperates and it does make the Gasland team look bad.
- Of course they were entitled to keep the trouble making protesters from hijacking their event, even though they had sold them tickets
BUT Gasland didn't handle the difficult questions ..bringing in heavy security and police ..and chasing the Russian reporter away and getting her arrested Gasland 2 team wouldn't tolerate dissent
"Julia Mineeva, a Russian journalist who’s covered the film festival for five years, thought she’d stumbled across a great story and started interviewing the various groups. When she went in to see the movie she was asked to leave, followed, put in handcuffs, arrested and charged with trespassing."

www.energyindepth.org :Gasland was debunked early but no one listened
says that the 100,000 gas lease story is fiction ..also NYT digs up it's fiction

Green censorship : school children brainwashed Teachers resign after inviting activist group in to give show

- Matt Damon’s Anti-Fracking Movie "The Promised Land" Financed by Oil-Rich Arab Nation - UAE

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