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- Skeptics as ever show calm and logic, The Green team Media continue to show only an alternative reality by selecting only pro-green stories and hyping them. And trolls try to disrupt Skeptic blogs ..and it all matters cos Truth matters.

Civilisation from Skeptic / deceit from warmists

Compare the open and frank discussions on skeptical websites like Wattsupwiththat.com and Bishophill with heavily controlled warmist websites like SkepticalScience and Desmog blogs ..which are run by PR professionals.

This is what Donna Laframboise says DeSmogBlog.com is, in my view, one of the ugliest destinations on the Internet. It's a hit squad, a professional demean team. And it was started - let me repeat this - by a close associate of David Suzuki. "The DeSmogBlog website declares: Free speech does not include the right to deceive. Deception is not a point of view." In other words, anyone who disagrees with them is practicing deception - and has no right to free speech. That is their position.

Skeptical Science and l Gore Introduce robots to respond to forum posts
-testing the Gore-bot with a Hansen quote.
- "I say Hansen often manipulates data to get a desired result"
Gore-bot Would maybe say "Just check his check his bio on the NASA GISS website. It actually says : You’ve got to ‘influence the nature of the measurements… so that the key information can be obtained’"Junkscience.com

Forum Tips
- Forums can be ruined by disruptive trolls ..someone came up with some top tips

- stick to THE POINT & don't follow trolls down every RABBIT HOLE.
- And if the discussion is interesting take it to the Threaded board so it doesn't get buried.
- It maybe tempting to reply to a misleading post, but all too often it's a gore-cut-&-paste_bot intent on taking the discussion OFF TOPIC and onto some green fantasy.
- They won't really read your reply anyway.

Climate HYPE Costs Lives : Dashboard Page
- We should take the war time phrase wartime "Care Talk Costs Lives" phrase and apply it today to the myths of activists feed to the compliant media. Their actions have consequences for peoples lives and government policy. People dying cos they think they can't afford to switch the heating on, cash flowing into the pockets of windfarm fatcat from the increased bills and industry being forced out of Europe. (We are all here to stick up the truth like cold weather today kills rather a "might be hot in the future" )

- I imagine that phrase headlining a climate hype dashboard webpage
... with a RUNNING BODY counter
- and another running $$$ counter of GREEN waste and taxes .. alongside a photo of David Cameron's father in law (windfarm fatcat)

- Maybe another running counter showing the growing number of live polar bears minus the hunted.
- and a news ticker of failed alarmist predictions
- plus an animation of that famous graph of annual average global temperature that Gore showed us with it's straight line continually sharply upwards, with the steady recent reality imposed on it.

Does anyone know if the BBC has any policies about say respecting minorities and anti-bullying ?
You know like if a department just presented a WHITE WORLD_VIEW hyping up stories
... showing WHITE ideas in a good light
... burying stories where it went wrong.
... And also gave a constant stream of horror stories speculating of what catasrophes will happen if the public don't behave in a way conforming to a WHITE world view.
... That would be wrong wouldn't it ?
... It would be bullying..it would be wrong.

- Funny that cos if you replace the word WHITE with the word GREEN that is what we have got today.
- Since BBC Environment Dept is stacked with GreenDreamBelievers that is the worldview we get all The time
... anything Greens see as positive will be hyped up
.. here's this new solar, electric car
... when those same companies bankrupt it's reports at all it will be burued away at the back of the website.
- At the same time stories on topics greens see as a negative will be constantly speculated about,
... negative stories hyped & positive ones buried.. driving the public into a state of fear & anxiety
... surely this is bullying. Some Skeptics should complain to the BBC minorities officer about this..

- what type of blood does the BBC have ? ...Green positive

BBC Environment Half The Story All The Time

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