#34 Greens Racism : Smear Conservatives
Climate Claptrap

Bob Carter wrote a good list of Climate Realities :
CLEARING AWAY THE FOG OF CLIMATE CONFUSION March 15, 2012 climatescienceinternational.org

Feel Sympathy for Believers, as they are trapped in an abusive relationship

- Believers are like a woman trapped in an abusive relationship , everyone on the outside can see they should get out, but they think he's really a nice guy and can't see she's being lied to & exploited.

- Too much invested to lose - not only do warmist activist scientists have their entire careers invested, but there are huge implications for governments in backtracking ..can you imagine a sports car company's legal claim if it turned out the gov had misled.

Other Stuff

- Idea : List of stock answers so forums don't have to keep answer disruptive Qs on forum again & Again

- New Prog about The BBC Enviro department : "Mythmakers", ah I see that the Telegraph blogger Christopher Booker already used that title for describing the polar bear documentary fiasco

- Book Maybe worth a look Myth-Maker Book

"conservative Americans have lost trust in science" SPIN
- In the US the headlines run "New survey says" "conservative Americans have lost trust in science"

... You know what that actually means ?

It means..Agenda control by attack, book coming, election coming

- It's EMPTY SPIN of flawed data ... BEST IGNORED
- It's clever PR spin & we shouldn't be led into wasting our time defending against smears.

- It's almost certainly BS from the start as many scientists are Republicans

1. The activists again use the tactic of controlling the agenda by attacking & smearing. You can stop your opponents message getting time by filling the time with an attack on them, they can't do anything until they defend themselves.
2. some one who has some old study work has jazzed it up & published it, thus giving publicity to his mate who has a book out “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Don’t Believe in Science.”
..oh & 3. someone would pay big money to see a meme like that propagated just before an election.

- In reponse to a news story "A New Survey says" : One name came up repeatedly in connection : Chris Mooney “Gauchat took on this project to assess the claims made by science journalist Chris Mooney in his 2005 book, ‘The Republican War on Science’ ”
- 1. By coincidence this book is being reissued on 3 April with the title : “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Don’t Believe in Science.”
- 2. Why would anyone have any reason for hyping up controversy about Republicans ?… is there an election or something coming up in the US ?

- News Media & Politics is all too much Russian doll inside a Russian doll for me
- It couldn’t be that this whole story is politicizing science itself ?
- Let me crawl back under a rock, so it can all wash over me instead of leaving me feeling spun & manipulated

- STOP RIGHT NOW, and don’t be distracted from our path. Can’t you see this is another win for the activist PR machine ? They are again putting opposition on the back foot by attacking with smears. “Denier”, “Anti-Science” etc. etc. it all meaningless name calling & we shouldn’t waste our time defending smears. They are bullying us like a spoiled child & we shouldn’t put up with that.
- Instead of being distracted we should seize back the agenda & concentrate on challenging them on their many flaws : Irrational laws, questionable practices etc. We should not be accepting policy that is driven by models that have been tweaked to replicate the past & haven’t proved themselves over time..
- We should nurture science that really works that comes up with models that replicate real world evidence again again, & solutions that don’t rely on fantasy mathematics ( like & solar) so we can use them to drive policy. Good SCIENCE driving good POLICY.

BTW : Do people who don’t believe in a a war on Climate Change have a duty to be conscientious objectors ? especially on Earth Hour

- The whole premise of putting public's opinion into a "Trust Science? YES/NO" dichotomy is flawed.
- when scientific evidence says Nuclear power & GMOs are very safe some people choose not to trust it.
- When scientific evidence says the maths of wind & solar power don't stack up in most instances, some choose not to trust it.
- When scientific studies find organic food is NOT safer than industrial produced food, some people choose not to trust it.

Do the above examples apply only to conservatives ?
- Activist PR agencies know their arguments are vulnerable, so they choose to put others on the back foot by writing press releases that SMEAR & ATTACK, for their churnalist friends to cut + paste. - We shouldn't allow them to bully us and control the agenda we should work to expose their flawed dogma.

- Turns out The Question wasn’t the same as the headlines implied" (I am not bothered about the subject at all), but I just came across this at what-if-all-of-these-news-stories-are-factually-wrong

"Read the original paper"
"all the newspaper headlines are wrong"
'Politically conservative Americans have lost trust in science'- LiveScience
'lose faith in science'
'lose faith in science'
'lose faith in science' etc.

- "The question asked isn’t about faith in science at all. It is about faith in scienTISTS."

Newspaper rebuttal

Greens have BIGGER BRAINS ?
- Is that what they are saying. That's like saying "white people have bigger brains" i.e. akin to racism
- Whilst many greens think they so smart & skeptics are all uneducated people haven't caught up with them .. a hell of a lot of skeptics went through the process of being a believer many years ago & are actually much further along the road.

Play About Warmist Terrorists

- I am listening to 3 part play on Radio 4 it was supposed to be about terrorists planting a virus which killed 1/3 of the population. Now it just twisted : eco warriors were angry a skeptic was making progress so one of the girls fitted him for rape. But the fit up didn't work, so when they got out of jail they engineered the virus which eventually wiped out the 1/3 of the worlds population. - The first part already got wiped fro the BBCiplayer but the other 2 parts are on BBC website here (the full version can be bought at audiogo.co.uk for £7.49) - some discussion over on Bishop Hill BBC Play : Pandemic : A three-part thriller by John Dryden.

- www.greencease.org.uk ... interesting project
.. don't panda to the WWF

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