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Programmed to be wrong
- Not only do we have to deal with the distorting crap of the outside world, but our brains are hardwired against truth. As the book The Invisible Gorilla explains our intuitition is often wrong. As explain in the podcasts : - Technation podcast the Invisible Gorilla ITC.TN-DanSimons-2010.06.24 and
- Token Skeptic NOTES the Invisible Gorilla , Token Skeptic MP3 the Invisible Gorilla
- theinvisiblegorilla.com

1- place anecdotal evidence above stats
2- believe confident witnesses when in fact they are the least reliable
3 - false memories are created by replaying original memories.

Rethinking the Invisible Gorilla
- Hang on a moment isn't an ability to filter data an important skill. The fact that you don't perceive a Gorilla is actually an enormous benefit as it had nothing to do with the task in hand

At first one thinks "my God I'm not as perceptive as I think ... maybe I won't see that child that steps out in front of the car" ... Hang on just cos the back of your mind doesn't push through presence of the gorilla it's doesn't mean it wouldn't push through life critical info like that child stepping out.

- We need more experiments instead of just assuming the gorilla effect makes us more dangerous.

The Need To Believe
- One thing is that many people so desperately want to believe stuff

- They feel comfortable to in a group with other people and when you don't support that idea they don't like it.

e.g. - they are hostile to me cos I question that Climate Change Catastrophe is coming

- Human brains naturally crave certainty.
One important for good thinking is learning to accept uncertainity "when you don't know, you don't know", don't grasp onto the first flimsy explanation without checking.


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