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- I get so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down... here are some new ideas I come up with
5/10/2011 Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style
more on pc502.htm
- you register with your credit card to buy a ticket at a price and if the airline, football match, hotel are willing to sell at that price 12 hours before departure the system takes your money and emails you a ticket.. that way nothing would ever be unsold.

.. or you'd have an option of paying £80, £90 2 weeks before for a guaranteed seat or make a commitment to buy at "make me an offer price" for standby .. you could put in a bid for £10 on Fri then same for Sat and Sun .. the problem is the airline could take up your Friday bid and then take the Sat, Sun money cos they know you can't use it anyway ..
- you could make a rule they can't double sell.

WWF flood market with fake rhinohorn
- customers don't accept science that it is not aphrodisiac so they won't use science to check against fake .. obvious idea to me .. when I checked I see other people said the same

Radio 4 plus

- Brain radio ..who needs university that makes you think
I want to redesign my radio links webpage so it's like a Radio 4 Plus dashboard. You can listen to the radio and see the background info on the screen and see the interactive e.g. Twitter comments etc a daily radio4 magazine page

supermarket noticeboards

1- supermarket noticeboards ... need rethinking *** see secret blog

Waste Watch!

- There should be a prize or award for exposing waste and inefficiency
- Sam Adams Alliance’s 2010 Government Watchdog Award podcasts strangely no web

"integrity' award" for journalists

Save expensive salary costs by auctioning jobs

- Idea picked up from Daniel Maris on Andrew Liddel's blog (Rod Liddle ?)
- The BBC seems to pay managers and celebrity presenter ridiculously inflated salaries, same for managers in NHS and local government etc. as it gets into bidding wars. What it should do is write a job specification and then ask the job candidates to bid and then interview the 3 lowest qualified bidders just the same as when you contract a job out and put it out for tender.

- In fact this bid process could be used for all jobs. When you get 200 job candidates ask them to write their expected salary down and jut interview the lowest 10 or 20.

Idea - there should be an alarm that goes off

- in a studio when a politican sidesteps the question

correction centre websites ..listing errors found after fact checking press.

- some already made could to see when he points out the errors people put their hands up and correct it.
- The Guardian correction page, Reuters,
- wow there is a sudden epidemic of correction pages in the UK press now they've fallen from their pedaestal : Mail, Mirror also

Idea : The Nostalgia Channel and Nostalgia festival
- films from 60 years ago which are more entertaining than todays films
- presenters in period costume introduce classic from Norman Wisdom, George Formby

- Todays news presented in 50's style..presenter only wear black & white

- After 12pm "Sauce" burlesque show ?

Pay Service Tithes
- I can see another model between gov and commercial the Public Service not profit model like Wikipedia, BBC, PBS etc
- Good service deserves good salaries - So support them with cash

- OK to get back into zone & work out what I was thinking about
- capitalist - the market decides
- Government - funded by tax controlled by democracy
- Public Service - but BBC and Wikipedia don't have any democracy ..what to do ? but you don't want to have 2 Wikipedias, nor do you want it controlled by the government

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