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- I get so many ideas I don't have time to write them all down... here are some new ideas I come up with
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Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style more on pc502.htm

New Ideas on Dreaming 13/2/2011
- recent podcasts talk about magic and optical illusions show how our brain doesn't really show us a picture of the real world, but actually guesses it ..this caused me to come up with some ideas about dreaming 1. Dreaming is like predictive text training the brain 2. "Magic ideas" and enlightenments come from connecting different concept areas of the brain ..what do you think more on pc497.htm

Why Scooters piss on bicycles 2/6/10
- They carry 2 people easily and bicycles don't, but use hydraulic pedalling solves the problem more on pc492.htm

Boostair Hyraulic Tricycle conquers the hills 2/6/10
- Decouple pedals from the drive, and power it through a hydraulic box instead so you can pedal consistently een downhill, but receive a boost uphill more on pc492.htm

UK Immigration officers : 28/2/10
- UK Immigration officers should dress in themed costumes, Jane Austin, Harry Potter.To welcome foreigners to the many cultures and history of the UK

Easy Way To Control The Legal Aid Budget : 22/2/10
- The government has been worried about the legal aid budget getting out of control, as the number of cases and lawyers fees go up ... So here's my idea : Lawyers would be forgiven X% of their tax in return for donating Y% of their time to legal aid work. That way the government doesn't have to worry about tax money going into legal aid.

Developing World : Donate jobs not money 21/2/10
- I don't agree on giving money to developing countries .. it doesn't work like in Africa the money just disappears into a huge black hole and the corrupt rich get richer and the poor poorer. I have always said to keep development sustainable it is important to trade with the developing countries and buy their good and services.

- A new idea I have is that instead of our local government donating money to foreign aid projects it should outsource some of it's jobs to those countries. For example when our local council expands by 5 employees it will need to expand the administration department to handle the pension and salary etc of the new workers so it should outsource 1 administration job to a developing country. One would structure it so all their eggs are not in the same basket i.e. each council has outsourced workers through 5 countries that way they cannot be held to ransom by corrupt politicians.

Unemployment : Share the hours not the money21/2/10
- One expert explained how family business is good for the economy. When times are good you have a ready labourforce willing to work extra hours. likewise when times are tough the family are not a drain on the unemployment funds cos they share what little work there is between the whole family. This provokes an idea to me since we are all part of the family of himanity why can't we behave in the same way ? There is no need to have any unemployed people in a region. Wouldn't be better if instead of taking tax money from people are working full time and giving it to people not working all the time that the people working just gave up a couple of working hours ..say half a day a week so there were enough spare working hours to give to the unemployed. ... Start off by running this programme on people who work in minimum wage jobs.

Korea Farmers should get into building Mountain boarding centres18/2/10
- BBC countrytracks had an item on mountain boarding basically it's skateboarding but not on concrete instead on heavy duty skateboards down village hill sides. I immediately thought since Korea is so hilly and fond of sports that it would be a great idea for Korean farmers to get into that business wiki/Mountainboarding

Background Music Ruining TV Progs an easy solution18/2/10
- I see from the RT letters page a lot of people are complaining about distracting background music in programmes.Well I thought one of the benefits of digital TV is that you can have extra things like 3 video feeds for the grand Prix so why can't ordinary programmes have 2 audio feeds one with canned laughter and background music and another "Calm" which is without the distracting stuff people don't like ?

- Maybe that "Calm" audio channel could automatically cut to silent when programme trailers come up

Fairy story to make children wary of trusting adults17/2/10
- Children protect themselves against sexual exploitation by adults, but the problem is you can't really explain to them explicitly. Fairy stories like Babe in The woods are a good way of teaching awareness skills to children, so are there any fairy stories which show the dangers of them being exploited by older people ?.. E.g. Evil king innocent princess
- Some one needs to write a fairy story where the child trusts an adult, but the adult turns out to be evil - Is Red Riding hood an example no really as she suspects the wolf straight away she doesn't get taken in by him.

Radio Show should help people sleep not lose sleep 17/2/10

- I was at the lecture last year by the famous sleep scientist from Edinburgh University and he said the nations health is being damaged by lack of sleep.
- On Radio 5 Live Livesey's nighttime radio show is full of interesting items, so problem is it's not calming so you don't fall asleep and you'll probably be still awake at 1a.m. Before the news at 11pm and 12am he should have some calming words and one minute of calm music.
- One problem is you wouldn't want the drivers falling asleep; so he'd have to warn them not to " If you are driving stay awake"

- Since it's on the BBC the shows job is to help people rather than build an audience so the radio show should help people sleep not lose sleep.

Blind RFID glove color checker - but already done17/2/10
- I was listening to the radio and a blind person was saying she has a handy device she holds it over her clothes and it speaks what color they are. So I started thinking you could build such devices into a speaking glove. It would be difficult for such devices to actually "see" where you are, but you could mimic that effect simply by tagging common places with an RFID tag (like those embedded in books to stop you stealing them). You could label room doors, coffee jars etc..... But when I checked it seems it such an obvious idea that it's already been done.

- I wonder is it common for shops to have them embedded in their doorways so blind people know what shop they are going into.

Finance railway by getting passengers to make a huge deposit and then they get free travel3/2/10
- Pete waterman was talking about railways and this gave me an idea for financing them :if you are a shareholder you get free travel and B-shareholders take a profit from people who do pay.

- e.g. you get 5000 people to pay £2000, that's £10m + another £10m from investors. So you instead of having to borrow £10m and hope you might it back from customers. Half the customers have already bought free tickets by becoming shareholders. The customers know they get cheap travel and the investors get a lower risk.

Protect Cargo Ships from Attack by Organising Safe Convoys for Somali Fishermen3/2/10
- Make it a rule that Somali fishing boats can only go more than 20Km out if in a convoy with UN navyboats. The problem is at the moment the Somali coast it littered with thousands of boats, but the Navy can't tell who are evil pirates and who genuine fishermen until they attack a ship and fishermen are sick of being mistaken for pirates. So for each big town you organise convoys 1 or 2 days each week so genuine fishermen can go out in safety. If a boat is seen in the ocean ouside a convoy and it's not a registered as a genuine is could targetted by missiles.

- Why aren't cargo ships Travelling in Convoy Anyway ?
- Individual cargo ships off the Somali coast are vulnerable to attack. I have been saying for sometime that during WW2 the British tackled German U-boat attacks on merchant ships by organisng the ships into escorted convoys so why can't we do the same for ships sailing near Somali i.e. have then travel in convoys of 10 travelling in safe corridors.

Facebook campaign to put movecelebrity radio presenters to the graveyard shift 3/2/10
- Seems people are getting so irritated by Chris evans doing the Radio 2 Breakfast Show so why don't they organise a Facebook petition to get him transferred to the middle of the night slot. You could do the same for all the other Switch Off Radio Personalities like Richard Bacon, Chris Moyles, Jonathon Ross, Stephen Nolan, Davina Mcoll etc.

tabletop newspaper idea 28/12/09
- desktop newspaper idea. Why are libraries still putting out printed newspapers on tables instead of having screens embedded in the table.

One Line ebook reader 28/12/09
- you only read a novel 1 phrase at a time so an ereader doesn't have top be like a real book.
- We are making the common mistake of thinking new solutions need to emulate the modus operandi of the old solutions. But think about it just because a book gives you a whole page of text it doesn't mean a new solution has to. In a catalogue you may scan a whole page, but in a novel you don't. It's like saying a moving picture box is no good cos your normal visual field is a kilometre wide so 21 inches is nowhere near big enough.

- OK you can read a novel one phrase at a time by setting the device to scan to a new phrase at the same speed your eyes normally move, but what about a map or picture where your eye does scan the whole page. I believe that there is a way to con your brain whereby your eye stays still but the display scans down to give the illusion.

scroll ebook reader 28/12/09
- You could try to read a newspaper/magazine on an ebook reader, but either the device would be too big or the print too small. But what if was a scroll format which you could roll up and put in your pocket. A laser projector housd in the scroll tube could project the emage sideways onto plastic paper.

Cookery book for kids 28/12/09
- Explaining very simple things like "how to clean" etc .
- One book for the kitchen
- One book for the garage/workshop

this telephone to web human interface
"Man sat in front of computer 247"28/12/09
- How about a service for people who are unable to use the internet. There are a lot of good services on the internet e.g. You can find cheap insurance. Find a bargain on ebay etc. But these services are too difficult for many people to use so what if there was an internet savvy guy sat in front of computer 24 hours a day and you can phone him and he'll do the internet stuff for you.

- Other people could also make use of this telephone to web human interface
- e.g. A technician out in an industrial plant in the middle of the night fixing a broken machine could use it to order a part.
- a salesrep could get information while he's driving to a client.

TV is like the apple in the Garden of Eden 11/10/09
- Eve is walking around the Garden of Eden
.. and she calls Adam over - "look what I have found she says indicating a TV",
.. there is a serpent saying "go on push that big red button",
.. Adam said "maybe that's not a good idea",
... but Eve couldn't resist
... and that my friends was the beginning of disaster
... instead of getting their picture of the world by looking around them
... they started to get all their information about the world from TV, therefore forevermore being out of perpective. idea 11/10/09
- I think in schools there is too much acadaemic education and not enough practical experience and people talk about training kids to be entrepreneurs. So I have this idea : :
- If I was a class teacher I would have one Saturday a month the where the kids offer services : wash cars, fix computer problems, cook food, do football coaching, organise a concert they would be stimulated to come up with good business ideas, make real moeny in a real situation so learn a lot.

London Taxis should come in a wedding car version19/11/09
- I saw in the Ukraine how a Chrysler Prowler car was being used as a wedding car. Surely it would be very easy for the company that makes London taxis to make a special body shape for weddings. I am completely surprised that they are not tackling this market already. Whilst in the UK the wedding industry is getting smaller in most countries as their economies grow the people spend huge amounts of money on weddings. I swear in one morning in the Ukraine I passed about 20.

60 Second Ideas from The Forum Guests(on BBC WS)10/2/09
- I notice that many of the ideas I have evolved like "all oil money should be shared between all countries"are also suggested by their experts. But, 70% of their other ideas are crap and 30% are good ones I hadn't thought if

- Share the oil money
- Martha Schwartz suggests that every inhabitant of the Earth should own a share of its natural resources through a Global Resources Fund.

- Record your Grandparents memories
Angie Hobbs thinks all school children should record the memories of a person over the age of 60 to help build a collective memory bank. For more visit BBC News Online: Recording memories

- Think Smart When you shop
Jeffrey Rosenthal believes we should consider other factors than just price when it comes to shopping.

- Day to celebrate body donors
Ruth Richardson thinks we should celebrate body donors.

- Farm and hunt insects for food
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer suggests we should eat more insects

- hide cars
James Hall says all parked cars should be camouflaged
No - in hot countries all parking should have to be shaded - you'd save heaps of AC energy

Deyan Sudjic wants to stamp out the cult of the architectural icon - probably lots of money wasted

- Frank Furedi advocates taking joint responsibility for the welfare of children - what's he mean ?

Rodrigo Vazquez believes we should live like the Incas - what's he mean ?

Kishore Mahbubani suggests students spend a semester overseas

Haleh Afshar believes all beauty products should be banned. Stupid woman

Tax Tie-ins.. to Discourage Movie Piracy 13/12/08
- When I was thinking about ideas for the Nepal movie we could make I imagined as the credit rolled you see a picture and it says ..Tax paid on the profits of this movie funds 4 health professionals, buy genuine copies. The idea being that you make a deal with the tax authorities in each country so that instead of going into the general taxpot there is a tax-tie-in. The tax money gets allocated to specific project. That way people know when they buy genuine copies some of their money comes back into their community.

- If you buy a pirate copy for $2 then manufacturing costs are 30c and royalties and tax are zero so $1.70 goes to gangsters. Buy a genuine copy for $3 then $1 goes in tax and $1.70 in salaries and royalties to the film-makers. Then a shot says "buy from gangsters and the money comes back to your community" shows table full of guns... buy genuine and the money comes back to your community shows doctors, nurses and film- makers.

- You could do the same for software I guess. e.g. you buy Norton cos you know you end up getting treated by a Norton Cancer Nurse or Norton sponsored Developing country real vaccination program. Or maybe use the Adobe funded ambulance.

- problems - The movie industry is renowned for creative accountancy ... like some of the biggest movies on the accountancy books show no profit ... I can’t remember why, but it must be normal to write of the losses of 5 flops against the one good movie.
- Governments don't like setting a precedent of corporations choosing where their money goes otherwise there would be plenty of money for orphanages, but none for mental health and politicians salaries.

My Brilliant theory about dreams 13/12/08
- I can explain dreaming + Alzeimers, schizophrenia, sex in terms of a system for avoiding neural pathways being burnt into our brains see the opinion blog pc442

Computer Generated Evolved Intuition Nov 2008

- At the lecture Gerd spoke of Gut Feeling often being a process of strategies which has been honed through evolution .. So even though the logic of the strategy is not clear survives cos it works. This gives me a revolutionary idea : that instead of using complicated thinking to think up complex logical strategies you could run a computer program which automatically generates and tries out simple possible strategies in a simulation. It would discard strategies that don't work i.e. successful strategies would evolve. .. from pc454t.htm

- print picture onto pillow case
- I saw in MegaMall KL a shop where they print pictures of your family onto cups, so surely they should offer to print your husband's face to a pillowcase, that way when he's not there you can still hug him, or punch him.

Sanctuary Idea - Oct 2008

- A place where people can go to reform themselves, before things get so bad society has to reform them.
- Humans are special cos unlike the peeing tomcat they can overcome addicive behavior. And if they do address their behaviour problems early then they save society from crime etc.

- So have a place where people can check themselves into, before things get real bad and society has to spend real big money processing them through the prison and justice system."When you wonna getta out of drug addiction, prostitution, being a gangster get yourself to the sanctuary !"

...The sanctuary needn't be a physical place, but could just be a state of mind where you address your addictive behaviour problems .. hence Santuary the book.

save on travel by having beds at the job
- Imagine if people are travel 2 hours to work and back 5 days a week, that’s 4 hours travelling each day ontop of 8 hours work= 60 hours. So if one room of your work building you could sleep at your job and save a huge amount of travelling time. Say arrive Monday work 8 hours then sleep Tuesday and Wednesday 12 hour shift. then work 8 hours on Thursday before travelling home or 3 days at 12 hours a day work then travel home that’s 40 hours total

why not live at a holiday resort ?

- Why put up with having to maintain a pokey house in England, when for 50 quid/week = £2600/year a couple could live at a Thailand resort. They'd have access to gardens and a pool, no heating bills and their room would be cleaned for them.

- Actually in Panama I have seen serviced apartment rooms for American pensioners. ... People always want to own, but don’t realise the huge maintenance cost. I suppose a group of people could form a mutual club and buy such a resort.

Robot Trucks on the M1, same as trains, but cheaper.

- Scientists often talk about self driving cars, but the in town bits are tricky. Likewise trains are good at moving long distance, but the infrastructure costs are a lot and they are crap for door to door service. So I have the idea to combine the 2 ideas : At night the M1 is closed to normal trucks. Drivers would just drive their truck to the beginning of the M1 in London. Then the computerised driving system would take over making the M1 effectively a railway to Leeds. Then at Leeds human drivers could completely the final part of the journey.

- In a car in front of a train of robot-trucks you could have a "train driver" ensuring the road is clear.

- My train of thought : In my area there used to be lots of trainlines. I started to think how you put them in... the infrastructure costs would be horrendous .. but the roads exist and in this area they are long and straight .. so just run a "train" down the road" ... well the :"train" might as well consist of normal trucks ... thinking about driverless system's I realised for them straight roads are an easy task .. the main problem is the other drivers .. so run at night when there are no other drivers. .. longer distance would be more practical you could run a Robot train down thefast lane of the M1.

- There must be many parts like USA, Canada, Siberia, where there are super long straight roads where Robot Road trains can run.
- In Australia have they thought of using drive by remote control ? where the driver just sits in Sydney ?

lazer zap waterless toilet
a lazer zap waterless toilet - Design a toilet so as solids drop they are detected and vaporised by a lazer so it would need no water. ... but neither do the Korean farm toilets.

Bailiffs at The banks
-a comedy sketch - the bailiffs turn up at the bank branch to repossess the building 25/08/08

Shakespeare the first Rapper
- To show the kids that Shakepspeare was the first great rappers teachers forma cool group to rap shakespeare lines .. My Man Will ..June 2008

The Bizarre Situations - Rational Explanations Game
- more on pc338.htm 25/08/08

- Advanced Thinkers Test ? - 17 April 2008
We have the Advanced Drivers Test- what about the Advanced Thinkers Test ?

- Save Computer Power by ignoring some changes in the peripheral view - 17 April 2008

- our eye doesn't see the whole room so, it's a waste of energy generating a whole picture, but that's how CRT works.

- Now we don't refresh the parts of the image that don't change, but what about we don't refresh some parts of the image immediately even when they do change ? on the grounds that the eye wouldn't have been looking in that particular direction and noticed the change anyway.

- If you imagine a screen frame as 100 lattices, at the moment we refresh each lattice each time it changes, but actually that's not necessary cos a high percentage of the time the eye never looks at this lattice anyway. How much could you slow a lattice window refresh rate down for people not to notice ? Could you refresh some panes e.g. bottom left less frequently that say the centre. Like to begin with the panes around the Super Mario character could refresh 200 times a minute and the peripheral frames 2 times a minute

- If you could work out an algorithms to work out this redundancy, then the computational power needed to make images would be reduced, which would have a number of advantages.

- Rape Awareness Course for workers - 15April 2008
- An online training course that taxi-drivers, security guards, teachers, doctors and all male workers who might find themselves with single women. To give them appreciation that every woman is someones mother, sister, partner and that when they find themselves in a situation with a woman they should remember this and not take unfair advantage.

- Similarly female workers should be required to take a course about avoiding difficult situations, how to talk their way out of them and ultimately how to kick a guy in the balls.

- another idea I have is if you are taking a taxi or hitchiking you can cameraphone the licence plate and text it to your mum, when you in a taxi. Indeed if women get into the habit of phoning someone everytime they get in a taxi saying "I'm at X and I'll be at Y in Z minutes", then that should put the bad guys off.

- theatre festival day - April 2008

- Everytime I go to the theatre there are few people 1. It’s too far for people to go out of their way and perhaps be disappointed so turn a Saturday into a theatre festival day, put on 5 shows, have an atmosphere bit of music, test pieces etc. Since people will be there all day there's a high chance they'll see something they like. (I saw that KLPAC did this in January, they had an open day)

-2. take the theatre to where the people are shopping centre, airport waiting room, supermarket, office at hometime.

Shared Cars Idea - April 2008
- Someone 0n Berkely Groks Podcast ? was talking about having shared foldable electric cars in the same way as the dutch white bike idea. - But we already have this - it's called a taxi- OK so it's expensive, eventually we will have robot taxis so no driver to pay, but in the meantime why not have self driver taxis - They could even easily be semi-robotic by piloting themselves down main or dedicated roads.

stainless steel beaker instead of tins idea - April 2008

- Instead of coke, beer and vegetables coming in throw away cans, why don't companies use 20c universal stainless steel beakers that you can wash and stack and take back to the supermarket ?

* 3 ideas from pc327.htm

Reduce rape by allowing Temporary Marriage by voicemail 28 March 2008
- When people are married there is clear indication of consent, but marriage is such a big complex thing. This system allows people to register Temporary Marriage in seconds and confidentially.
- more on pc327.htm. 28 March 2008

- could register any kind of verbal contract the above way. Contractbank, promiseline,

- The above technique could be used for age verification 28 March 2008

- Nakescientists report on face age recognition to protect Oz kids on the internet, but why not use voice recognition to verify the age/ID
- more on pc327.htm

- Idea - Get out from in front of the television ! 15 Feb 2008

- video shows maybe on bus TV
- 1.Explore KL - I drag a fat Chinese guy to interesting places in city
- 2. Get out & Live - featuring this weeks art and partipant sport activities, sports,
- 3. Maybe Chinese guy drags me to restaurant Durian etc

- the bus videos adverts/promotions are made of local businesses we pass

Idea 2 - Post nightclub cafe at LRT station 15 Feb 2008

- Clubs close at 3am, so someone needs to provide a safe place for people before public transport begins. An LRT station has controlled entrances and cameras so how about there ? Turn it into a chillout cafe before the trains begin.

- FREESHARE- Yes you can use any of the ideas for free, but you can't claim exclusivity, or claim you invented it. I've got plenty of other ideas.

Some Ideas from 2007

  • Gangsterchannel : The channel for gangsters : actually it would be enough to put kids off being gangsters
  • Take the foot of the accelerator it brings on the brakes especially for large trucks ? Would need to be ABS
  • Someone should make a monthly arts DVD so that short filmmakers can get exposure
  • Room broker sending conferences/training seminars to empty resorts (like in Sumatra or Thailand) in the off season or in low tourist times ..
  • Pipeline snake transporter self laying
  • beach/ocean cleaner bot
  • Booster bike high energy boost for up hill etc
  • Naked Internet Tool Idea -It sits on your PC stripping the ads off the pages and filtering advertisers out of the search engine results.
  • watercheckman : Instead of delivering bottled water, he cerifies you tapwater as drinkable. So people can save money instead of buying water.
  • - why do you need a keyboard a camera could just watch your hand - turns out Microsoft are working on this
  • I faked to pomote Skeptics local , more
  • Can I be Golden Subscriber BBC web receive content without advertisements ? local , more

    Some Ideas: Top 5 ideas

  • library is cool
  • lessons in pub
  • health education
  • science in the pub
  • after ante natal classes in the pub.

Crazy Ideas Page

  • Cassette - mp3 player, you can change the memory sticks around, and they are double sided, big so not easily lost, fashionable,
  • invisible SUV
  • Fruit fast food - apple
  • Thailand ecological SUV - motor bike with extra wheel and frame bit.
  • The heating lightbulb - Instead of cold eco light bulb, this heats the room at the same time .... just like a tungsten filament does.
  • Dr Tsu miracle remedies- see file
  • barcode written in English
  • New books - How to become rich through religion,
    Joke : Successfully changing the world through terrorism

Other people's Science ideas
- some interesting uses of SMS have come up

- Singapore can sms to find when next bus,

- Some other place can SMS to pay for and open toilets Norway ? what a good idea not coins needed and no vandalism

- simarly having an entry in your phones phonebook marked ICE In Case of Emergency so the ambulance man knows who to phone. more note

From Science radio

photo electric thread - means you will you be able to weave solar panels !

Plants for mining :idea from a plant which has a sap which is 30% nickel. Now bred cress which is 10% gold. I say - Yeh but why not use bacteria, surely be quicker

More bacteria in you than cells ! cos human cells are much bigger

Plants more yield less water plants have gene which helps keep them alive in a drout. It makes them drop some leaves. Scientists have worked out how to turn it off so less water is needed.

alzheimers connected to herpes virus cos hides in your cells a long time then causes brain disease. 80% of people carry common herpes simplex.

Globish limited Their website in French 1500 word English Observer article

  • Amazing Greenhouse gives free winter heat local
  • Chris Smith talked about melt heat sponge local
SCRATCHPAD - under development

- The student workforce co-operative

- The SSB Don't die before the future happy events Public Health Campaign .. alcohol, violence, alcohol, cigarettes, fooling, seatbelt.

- Banana Republic Police - Small Business liason dozens of 24hr offices to help you

- Banana Republic Voted number 1 For Ease Business by International Gangster Magazine.... those Alternative to legal sector Entrepreneurs

- How can we come up with a system to avoid the duplication of research ?Research version of E-bay like translators dohow to value research, time taken,

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