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Ideas like : Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style

Radio 4 plus Brain radio ..who needs university ..radio that makes you think
need to redesign radio webpage
1- supermarket noticeboards ... need rethinking *** see secret blog
2 - timeshare the Humberbridge ..maybe companies could sponsor the day and charge reduced tools and give their own pubicity and parties etc .. but tolls raise £60,000 per day thats too big to compare to an advert surely ..

- 4. Could Humber Bridge be sold off timeshare style
- 2009 21.7m revenue .=£60K per day
- costs
- op costs £3.5m 10K per day ...seems a lot ? the 2 severn crossings running costs are £15m BBC
- maintenance £3m it
- pension £0.2m
- total running costs £20K per day
- loan interest 14m (4% of total , but agreed rate before subsidy is 7.75%)
- does something funny by contributing 5m to a maintenance fund and taking 3m out so overall 2m surplus)
- interest costs $14m/year= £40K/day without cost of collecting tolls ..total debt is 360m
- couldn't the gov pay off the £360m and then issue a new loan at 2% interest rate coting £20K/day ie they could cut the toll

Market research companies could operate a free lane for people willing to spend 10 minutes filling in their form.

Listening to Radio News just annoys me these days

- I always like to listen to radio news to stay in touch ..but now it drives me mad there is no true picture of the world : lack of perspective, they run the same top 20 stories again and again

: UK media is pathetic banging on about 1 or 2 stories all the time e.g. Jackson doctors trial, or the Knox trial ...one commentator pointed out that when the black guys appeal trial came up they didn't report that. ... And there's churnalism
- these stories come not from research .. in 2011 UK news is not news but rather ... see essay UK Journalists are F**king scum really

Greece Euro Crisis

i. hey Mr Average Greek does the amount you pay in tax really cover free schools, hospitals and pensions etc ? no it does so cut or pay
ii. but 2nd part the Euro family does owe something to Greece. Yes Greek governments have over borrowed, but if they had kept the Drachma they would have borrowed in Drachma so 20Bn Drachma debt would have been say $10Bn but over time the Drachma could have devalued to make the debt $5Bn stuck with the Euro a €20bn debt stays $22bn

#R4Today prog Greek Finance minister from 20 years ago said : Greek gov could have collected €40Bn/year taxes could have sold €125Bn assets, it didn't for fear of unions. Population of 12m people. Figures seem quite hign to me £4K tax per inhabitant maybe £1K is possible

You get the best news THEY buy as most news stories come from PR agencies.

.... and lobby groups (politics, companies, pressure groups, SIGs etc.) see more on the Irrational_world blog

Fry spin

- Stephen Fry said "patriotism and nationalism are different .. No it's a false analogy

- There are 4 blogs ... travel and then I eventually edit and filter off material into
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