Supernature By:Lyall Watson 1973 Type: NF
75% : Comprehensive review of "the unexplained", with plausible explanations
Review : Seeks to rationalise many supernatural things and theories, often impressively.
meaning : There are a lot of strange things going on. If we accept 1. water is a strange molecule which can be effected by gravity from other galaxies
2. that there are unknown energy fields connecting all living things, this enables telepathy and all of the things are due to this telepathy.
synopsis :
Things are more complex than we think Goes back to original material to check facts. (even though other people dismissed them).

Studies reveal how sun moon planets effect life forms in indirect ways.(gravity, magnetism, sunspots etc) timekeeping etc. Water has special properties. (ordered systems on close analysis seem more chaotic, cos effected by varying outside forces. On closer analysis we see they do follow a pattern, but more complex cycles. (e.g varying movement of planets causes gravitational effect on sun, leading to sunspots, leading to changes on Earth etc)

Astrology possible cos works on position of planets and stars and they exert a force on us. Chemicals in foetus actually control moment of birth. So possible patterns pg 66

FIELDS organisms emit electrical fields, vary e.g. at ovulation. 6 th sense.

sonic waves/resonance effect us eg earthquakes, other strange things. were pyramids giant resonance machines strange effects eg things inside don't rot. swears pyramid sharpens razor cos effects growth of crystals on surface.

dowsing -yes there must be another type of field not electrical

Living organisms have fields, uses this to explain auras. and PK

palmistry says brain effects the patterns so can read things from them

graphology same

hypnosis can control body etc
mass hysteria maybe useful for the group to behave as one eg flocks of migrating birds 228

dreams, hallucinations these show the amazing power of the brain

psychic plant 248 someone hooked a plant to a lie detector, it showed reaction 1. if he thought about damaging it 2. a shrimp was about to be killed by a machine.
Sometimes psychic powers can be explained eg reading reflection in an eye.

252 Telepathy quotes amazing Russian results
claims they proved it consistently, proved in wasn't normal EM waves, worked over great distance as easily as close.

talks about clairvoyance, magic etc headology

Time alternative concepts of
Mystery of European eels metamophasise, but never get to Sargasso Sea to breed

Ghosts etc attributes them to telepathy

CONCLUSION We are all part of one big system
accept this and we can move on to even greater things

comments : comprehensive, detailed with impressive lists of sourcing.

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