PC549 Time Slipping By Quickly 1/3/10
Time Slipping By Quickly

- After my December 1st appointment they told me to come back in 4-6 weeks yet after 6 weeks I got a letter saying my next appointment would be March 1st. I thought I would have left the country by then

- I had been planning to go to Mallorca, butafter spending some time planning it did not look a good place to go. The main thing being it's so isolated .. I realised if I went to the Greek islands then if one island doesn't work out then it's easy to go to the next one. So I staryed planning Greece. But all the day to day things take up time, then some other bits of work came up, so by the time you've watched a bit of TV, cleaned up, taken the medicine and done the enema another day has gone ..and then it's another week and another etc.

- I try to keep upto date with the interesting documentaries on TV and radio, but there is too much ...it took me 3 hours to do my monthly check through the ABC Radio National podcast listing ... then it will take me 10 hours to listen to the prog.

- We had some emergencies caused by Godaddy "improving our service" so then I fix the problem they caused and email their technical support team to warn them they have a problem, except their customer service team must be in India or something cos they can't understand the message - so all they do is sentd me a standard email ... so then I have to send them another message explaing in even more simple terms ...then a few days later I find another problem the "improvements" have caused

- Then you get things like my credit card bill came 50pn overdrawn and with a 12 charge... but I'd already paid 31 into the account ... but it turned out they'd miskeyed the number so . then they remoed all the charges etc.

Hospital Again

- Today I was in at 10.20 out at 10.35 then blood test and picked up my free prescriptions

- This time I actually got to see the proper specialist. He said ah that endoscopy you had 2 sets of ulcers one at the bottom, one at the top you need tablets for the one at the top .... yes but why didn't he say that 3 months ago ?

- forgot to ask about narrow poo I wasn't prepared so I didn't tell the doctor all I should haveThey should have given me a form to fill in saying

Still strange weather
- We had snow coming down on a couple of days even though the weather has been about 5C. For a couple of 2 recent nights the temperature dropped to -5C
- Yesterday I went walking with Mum and Dad outside Sheffield and there was still some snow in shaded pockets not very high up.

National Trust spring bonus - FREE entry & parking 20-21 March 2010
apply for voucher www.nationaltrust.org.uk/bonus many excluded

- I should be ready to travel to south Europe soon.. I am still researching Greece

- OK I just booked a flight to Thessaloniki in northern Greece. I chose a place called Paros Island as it seems like a good place to hangout and maybe bump into to work. If nothing comes up I'll get by with the internet work I suppose.

- God it took me almost 3 days to buy the bloody ticket. What a bloody palava. It was so bloody difficult .. The internet makes things more difficult not easy cos too many options.

- I had been thinking about Mallorca in Spainand that would have been easy as their are many direct flights, but Greece is much more complicated. Paros has no international flights, the nearby islands have tourist flights but they don't start until May. So you have to come by ferry from Athens. But it seemed there were no cheap flights to Athens due to the fact Greece keeps having national strikes and British Airways has a big strike coming up. So I looked at every other option. I almost booked a flight to Bulgaria and then a night train to Athens but the times don't work. Saturday night I booked a Rumanian airlines flight to Thessaaloniki as it's a $20 train ride to Athens .. But then the bloody booking system didn't process my order so I spent Sunday checking other options and a way around those tricks ..like the Bulgaria flight was 52 then extra 5 booking fee plus 9 for a bag. Monday I realised that after next week it's Easter and then 2 weeks of school holidays so there's no cheap flights until a months time. So I ended up booking the same flight to Thessaloniki for 76 from Saturday. I chose Monday 22nd, but I have to get the nighttrain to Athens and maybe one day there and then 5 hour ferry to Paros as it turns out Thursday 25th is the Greek National Day Holiday.

- Getting to the airport will be tricky I'd normally hitch from here, but I'll have to set off at 6am to get there for 1pm.

- I am angry tthat i missed out on National Science and Engineering Week inc The Cambridge Science Festiva turns out there are 2 This was the University of The Cambridge Science Festival (focused on kids) the other The Cambridge Science Festiva is in April 24th May 2nd. NSEW seems focused on kids
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