PC547 Diagnosis, Not ! 1/12/09
Diagnosis Not
- So finally after waiting 5 weeks after my endoscopy I went into the hospital and they gave me the diagnosis and gave me some medicine to fix the problem ......No that's not what happened

... Although one must be grateful for free treatment the it's obvious the NHS system has organisational problems - "Em did you have any stool samples we can't find them on the system ?" , they eventually found them and then realised that they hadn't tested for the right things so I have to do another 3. "Em, they didn't give you a blood test did they ?, well you'll have to go down to the lab and do one now"...

- But why hadn't this been picked up before ? I could have done the blood test and 2nd set of stool samples weeks ago.

- "We can't make a diagnosis now ...since it's only the lower bowel bleeding it's probably colonitis brought on by bacteria infection" ..(The endoscopy notes said "suspected Crohn's disease ?" )
... So here's a prescription for enemas try them and we'll see you back in 4-6 weeks.
- Why couldn't I have been prescribed this 3 months ago ?

- the enema is like a quarter litre of clear fluid in a plastic tomato sauce bottle which you squeeze up your arse every night. ..Then they said well take enemas for 4-6 weeks and then come back to us. Seems to me that they know alot of peoples complaints will heal in time anyway

Still stuck in the UK
- The thing is my whole life is on hold until I can get this illness sorted out. It's cold here and there's nothing for me in this isolated part of the country. My plan was to get some medicine and fly out to some warm country and get working an be avoiding that horrible consumerist symbol of falseness Christmas and New Year. I hate Chrsitmas I want to get away from it.

- Ideally now I would be in a southern European country doing some work , but I have to take advantage of my parents hospitality until I get this "infection" sorted out. I was hoping that once I saw the specialist he'd give me the medicine and I could be off ... that sounds a bit naive now.
- I wouldn't rule out taking a cheap flight on Christmas day or new Years eve.

- It's difficult to know if the condition is improving, because it's so complex. Before I saw the specialist the diarrhea had gone away. He told me to stop taking the immodium and leave it upto the enemas so I did. After 5 days though the diarrhea has come back, but in other ways the infection has stabilised.
- I can concentrate most of the day and make it through the whole night without running to the toilet. - Why did the diarrhea come back. I had 2 or 3 days without eating rice so maybe it was that. I'd also eaten some liver and bacon, perhaps it caused it. I wonder if I am more susceptible to food poisoning these days so that little things give me diarrhea when before they wouldn't have. I wonder if all that time in the Ukraine when I thought it was the same infection coming back again and again, whether it was a series of infections cropping up, because of my weakened stomach.

- Eventually some idea or opportunity will come up.. I suppose

- There are more lucrative jobs at Christmas , but I didn't go to the job centre as I planned to leave the country as soon as I am cured. Now that's not working I thought about going on Friday, but I didn't ... I should go on Monday cos lets face it I'm not going to be ready to travel in 1 week and in 2 weeks it'll be Christmas and new year. So even if I get magically better soon it'll be mid-January before travel.

Wasting Time
- Got a punctures I put some air in the tyre, but it goes down again. I walk all the way back, I fix the puncture, I fix the puncture again.

- Then my glasses fall apart so I had to repair and then re-repair them. I've still got hours of video to watch

Bloody Christmas
- why does it have to be different from the rest of the year ? Can't people celebrate everyday of the year, and be kind and indulge a little.

Bloody Christmas
Here where my parents live is not well connected to other places so it's difficult to get to a city. Culturally itís a desert ...There's not much to do.. I go to volleyball on Sundays
... Suddenly after weeks of nothing there are all these Christmas concerts like 3 different ones in the same Church Hall within a week. It's the kind of thing I used to go to with my grandmother when I was a child. Of course then the average audience member and performers were 35-40 years older than me incredibly today it's still the same I went to Thursday and Friday Xmas Concerts and the there were very few people under 60.
male choir in their santa hats
The Santa singers
The strange instrument violinophone
The violinophone

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