PC382 Arrive in Thailand 2007
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- 384 Nakhon Si Thammarat
- 385 Khanom
- 386 Ko Samui
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- 389 Back in Real Thailand .. not tourist
- 390 Ranong and Burma
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- 391 Week of rain in Ranong
- 392 Hanging Out in Ranong
- 393 More rain in Ranong
- 394 More rain in Ranong
- 395 Ranong and Burma
- 396 Week 6 Ranong Thailand short
- 397 in Ranong running out of time
- 398 Travel Ranong to Malaysian Border Long Suan, Thung Song, Yala
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Good background from phil.uk.net Thailand Info, His Travels
  • Younger sister - nong saaw
  • Older sister - pee saaw
  • Younger brother - nong chaay
  • Older brother - pee chaay
  • Mother - mair
  • gaa-fair rawn - hot coffee
  • chaa dum rawn - hot black tea
  • kon ung-grit - English person/people
  • paasaa ung-grit - English language
  • bpra-tet ung-grit - England

Thu - : Change plans - more stopoffs
As ever I changed my plans at the last moment I was going to rush up Ko Pang Nhang Island, but decided to stop off at some towns en route first.

MISTAKE First at the border they only allow 30 days, I am worried this is not enough time .. Should have applied for a visa in KL & got 2 months. (apparently it costs 25US pickup next day)

  • father- paw
  • Café Rawn
  • chaa dam rawn- without milk
  • Nam Plow - plain water
  • suam - toilet
  • ngaan- job
  • tham ngaan - to work
  • phom - I
Strange : TV people are all white
All the people on TV have white skin : most Thais are usually light brown , indeed here many people are dark brown.
see this photo:
Skin whitening advert in Thailand
Races: in Thailand

To me the idea of there being a Thai rice sems a myth. Thailand in Asian way seems just as racially diverse as the US, many people seem brown and small, others look very pale and Chinese looking cos of the Chinese genes fro immigration in the last 200 years, though even most darker Thais are supposed to have come from China 1000+ years ago. There are many faces of Muslims some very dark people, and often some heavy people like Maoris or Samoans.

Differences from Malaysia
  • friendlier people - more relaxed than Malaysians
  • Thai writing - can't read the signs or info so Malaysia is easier
  • Strange college uniform - typical female is tight black above the knee skirt with high heels .. Strange, but I am not attracted to young girls & I agree with Phil.uk.net Thailand is much more conservative than people think.
  • Religion seems even more irrational to me : superstition & belief in good luck .. There is a huge industry in good luck charms. (amulets)
  • infrastructure - becoming like Japan ??
  • Motobike or car would be a good way to tour Thailand many things are hidden away out of walking distance
Ecological Transport in Thailand
Hybrid Electric cars ! no normally Thais can get the whole family on a 100cc motor bike. And if they add have an extra wheel on the side and a bit of a frame then the have a useful allpurpose transporter vehicle for transporting lightvloads and some not so light maybe 150Kg ! 10/10 for Practical Ecological innovation

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