PC355 KL Films 5/14/2007

Thursday -4 films in one day
Went to see 2 films by local director James Lee : Before We Fall In Love Again" and "Things We Do When We Fall In Love".
I didn't like them - Like films made by art students : slow, lots of smoking, less talking so difficult to figure what's going on and they don't seem to make sense. Like film doesn't show them finding the woman or giving up the search.

The way people behave just isn't real, I can believe Chinese love realitionships are different from western, but in these films the lovers hardly talk or show minor intimacy like hug or hold hands.

Tsai Ming-Liang - Films

I found the director Tsai Ming-Liang isn't really Malaysian as he left for Taiwan when he was 20.
Stinky Kid was an OK drama about the adversity in the life of a kid with a disease. It straight, worthy, and moving, but one gets the impression the director would have preferred to make something more arty.
Vive L'Amour is back to the art student style : Constant smoking and almost no talking. A single woman picks up a hunk in the street, They don't speak hug or kiss, before they get undressed and have sex. She's lonely, but leaves without speaking to him. It wasn't until 20 minutes into the film that, anyone realised they'd got a disk without English subtitles.

the director turned up and spoke
While they went to get another disk . He said he makes films how he likes; authorities in Taiwan change their tunes when he wins big international awards and claim credit for Taiwan even though they tried to stop him making the films.
He said they censored 4 things in his new Malaysian film strangely the one they thought the most important , was any reference to true phenomenon of the summer smog..banned. Presumably the authorities think property values will fall when the world realises that there is a summer smog. But by prentending there isn't one they are setting up the markets for a bigger fall, when if they told the truth the markets would be more stable.


The film resumed slow and unreal main characters. She ignores his calls, but when she meets him in the street takes him to fuck again. I gave up.

bugger messed my calendar up
and missed the free preview of the musical

Fossil Fuel doesn't come from fossils.
A couple of months ago I heard this old retired professor on Radio Australia saying oil wasn't going to run out as the accepted theory on how it's formed is wrong. He was pretty convincing, but of course I thought possible, but maybe he's senile, but I just came across this in a book : Thomas Gold's theory - Complex, but believable argument that the theory hydrocarbons mostly come from old lifeforms is wrong as actually oil doesn't have fossils in. Instead theorises hydrocarbons are part of the Earths crust just like iron. Methane is common on other planets and there was no life there. Oil companies like the other idea that oil is a irriplaceable fossil fuel cos it keeps oil prices high. The article was in Nine crazy ideas in science Robert Ehrlich - He analyzed them and found 3 were not crazy.. e.g. Also faster than light particles exist.

Outrageous exploitation of the rakyat
For the next 2 weeks they have to pay more. Cos Borders bookstores give a 5% discount to foreigners. Normally I am firmly opposed to this kind of disrimination and unequal treatment like foreigners pay more at the Bird Park or women get cheaper drinks at the bar, but we have to be pragmatic so if you are going to spend a lot on books get me or another foreigner to buy them for you. byee

Kiss Me Kate -movie

This 1953 movie of the Cole Porter musical is tacky. It was if they needed 2 years to make it and after 1 year the company said OK you've got 2 weeks to finish it. Like modern American films it's filled with action, but the story doesn't fit together. Filled with sexuality legs shown to the thigh, men wearing tights with socks stuffed inside. The Cole Porter songs are not classics the lyrics are awkward. Maybe he didn't have to finish them. Brush up your Shakespeare and I Hate Men could be turned into a good songs. Interesting for history and too fast to be tedious. The 2 gangster characters are very strong roles.

MPH Reading
It was a bit strange, they had a 3 piece band who jammed jazz style in the background while people read. The drummer/clarinetist wore a skirt and headscarf for some reason. There were a couple of good guitar songwriters at the end.
Samples compressed for fast download : Boy : Virtually Lonely 1 .. Virtually Lonely 2 .. let's Not Talk About Him Today
Rina the girl : One of a Kind : Now you know About Relationships

Freedoms Film Fest DVD for loan
Highlands Towers & Freedom fest films - I have the Freedoms Film Fest DVD If any wants they can borrow it. It has - the new documentary about the Highlands Towers collapse -a drama about the Indian Rubber Tapper who won his court case for extra pay but only after it was dead cos it took 32 years - a docu about refugee children - docu about police corruption Also A propaganda film about tribal army in the North of Burma -it's very slick but it doesn't say who financed it.
Sun - Doppelganger @ NBT
3 hours of performance poetry, readings and music

50% in Malay one read a front page article from the most popular Malay Newspaper the Metro Harian about Anak Seni telling how artists in KL are dropping out of their Malay traditions. It seemed to say "They are all communists and deviants, you know", It used the term "Freethinkers" in a perjoritive way implying the free drop into a lifestyle of sex and vice. Harian Metro 11 Mei 2007 (Jumaat) muka depan bertajuk "Anak Seni Tolak Agama" article, translation tool

They had asked people to wear red. Me I am wary of wearing badges when I am not sure what they mean, it became apparent that the red was to in respect for those killed(approx 2000) in the 1969 riots so I wrote this..

Nervous to stand on stage ..not me
I look out I see all those people like me
Each one has hearts beating pum, pum ..
Each one has hands ..
Their hearts sending blood flowing through veins beneath the skin.
Wearing red to commemorate the blood spilt on May 13th 1969.

They all have hands like me.. Like this hand .. here
These hands that can swing the parang to split wood.
Careful these hands can can swing the parang to kill just the same.
This is the body that can lunge with the dagger
Here the fingers that can pull the the trigger.

These are the feet that that can run with the mob.
These ears are the ears that can here the shouts
.. "vengeance lets get them",
This is the mouth that can encourage
.. "come on boys ..this is our day"

What this ?
This is the mind that can think that can figure right from wrong.
This is a mind with experience to know 2 wrongs don't make a right.
This is mind that can put myself in the others position
.. Aren't we created the same ?

This is a mouth to say "easy boys steady on"
This is an arm to pull people to safety,
while the mouth says "they went that way"

This is the the mind that can reason.
May the 13th happens every day. Blood flows..
When the husband raises his hand to the wife,
When the woman screams at the man "your not good enough",
when they both shout at the child.

These people out their they have hands like me, a mind like me..
A mind to reason right from wrong, to think "easy now steady on",
to know right from wrong
.. No more May the 13ths ..ever.

Some of the music was OK, but the readings didn't really move me.

Flirty muslim girls
I saw this girl on the train with her boyfriend. She was wearing a headscarf and a white blouse. Then she had a bright pink thing tied over her ample breasts , obviously emphasising them .. what a contradiction. Add this to the headscarfed girl who wanted a photo next to me in the hotsprings and the mini skirted Malay girls at night clubs

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