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The Beards rock !
even more the Dairy Brothers

Beards Thu 10th Jan Prince Albert Hotel I went cos I knew the Beards are very good. When I arrived and found 1. it was free as the policy is that all Beards gigs will be free for people with beards and 2. the place wasn't packed ( I couldn't believe this as surely these guys are going to be real big soon) I called the guys back at the hostel. They came down and really enjoyed the gig even the Koreans said "these guys rock !".

Bob's Set As usual with Adelaide audiences they talked all the way through Soursob Bob.

I bought his CD; he actually sounds much better produced, whilst The Beards sound best roughly cut live.

talk all the way through - In live gigs in Adelaide many people don't show respect for the musicians they have only come to see their friends play so they talk all the way through everyone elses set. You can see when the volume goes up they just shout louder. Some musicians have a good technique they really get control of the audience by playing quietly then doing something to capture the audiences attention.

We met the very enthusiastic guys from Willunga who go to every Beards/DB gigs.

These guys have got so much talent it makes you sick. It's just not fair ! It's a very tight sound; you don't hear a bum note, they sing so well they could make any lyric fit the music. They seem accomplished at different instruments and switch around. The lead singer has a degree in saxophone, this time he played drums also, but didn't bring his keyboards. They really know how to rock up a song by building up into singing guitars and saxophone and the songs are catchy and they get the audience singing along.

The songs are all so well done, they would fit right into movies and commercials. Just like the Dairy Brothers I can imagine their shows metamorphising into Rock Operas

An excellent performance as always. A shorter set , maybe only 10 songs about beards rather than the 13 in their previous gig, but we got an extra song Dick the Weird Beard. They did one slow song I didn't like much. Incredibly some people started to leave when they walked off stage instead of waiting for encore ..when of course they hadn't yet done Beard Revolution. (what is it with Adelaide audiences ?)

Adelaide never waits for an encore- Incredibly in Adelaide people start to leave as soon as the band walk off stage instead of waiting for encore. Doh ! Don't they expect an encore ? even when the band haven't played their big hit.

They really know how to rock up a song by building up into singing guitars and saxophone. I think I prefer a Beards gig to the Dairy Brothers, almost every song is catchy, well written and great to sing along to.
It was an honour to carry the amp to their car !

Beard Ideas

No Beards in the Neighbourhood

Beard Notes

Ladies do the touch test - Stroke a beardy

A king
A poet
A wiseman
A guru
A philosopher
A god
A thinker
A greenie
A revolutionary
An inventor
A Billygoat
A bushman

Beware the clean shaven

Razor CAUTION use below the neck only.

They don't have any great T-shirts so I made one up for the next gig.

Bootleg MP3s

SUPPORT the BAND : buy the EPs * Go to the gigs and
*respect the musicians don't TALK over the music !

full songs live at the Prince Albert
* weirdbeard.mp3 2390Kb dedicated to Jerry
* whotoldyousong.mp3 2700Kb
* beardrevolution1bg.mp3 28920Kb
not yet available
Growing A Beard.mp3  	2909 KB  	
Over You.mp3 	583 KB 	 	
bbbob.mp3 	1317 KB 	 	
beardlessmums1b.mp3 	2070 KB 	 	
needabeard1b.mp3 	197 KB 	 	
needabeard2.mp3 	1309 KB 	 	
nobeardsneighbourhood.mp3 	3130 KB 	 	
slowone.mp3 	1015 KB 	 	
*Living in the Long Grass - by Soursob Bob 384Kb

My Bootleg short clips from the gig at the Grace Emily
* 2beardlessmumsintro.mp3 328 KB

babysgotabeard.mp3 	316 KB 	 	
babysgotabeardchorus.mp3 	276 KB 	 
babysgotabeardgood.mp3 	253 KB 	 	
beardrocky.mp3 	256 KB 	 	
beforeoveryou.mp3 	476 KB 	 	
beforeoveryou2.mp3 	558 KB 	 	
bigbeardedbruce1.mp3 	358 KB 	 	
bigbeardedbruce2.mp3 	1177 KB 	 	
dogpocketknife.mp3 	1790 KB 	 	
girlformetorrens.mp3 	332 KB 	 	
ifdaddoesnthave.mp3 	336 KB 	 	
needabeard.mp3 	354 KB 	 	
nobeardnogood.mp3 	313 KB 	 	
nobeardnogood2.mp3 	265 KB 	 	
whotoldshave1.mp3 	798 KB 	 	
whotoldshaverant.mp3 	271 KB 	 

* You Need A Beard 484Kb
* No Beard No Good 428Kb
*Dog vs Pocketknife MP3 - by Soursob Bob 1790Kb

Dec 13th 06 Grace Adelaide Went to see a Gig : The Torrens , Sour Sop Bob, The Beards.
.. Actually pretty good the Beards especially are annoyingly talented young musicians. A memorable gig 13 songs about beards,tight, professionally played
The Beards sample audio

There's an beardless man,
in the flat next door ,
I've never spoken to him before
and I know I never will
Until he grows a ..beard
No Beard, No Good !
Not enough beards in the Neighborhood

A professor ..... needs a beard
A King ..... needs a beard
A terrorist ..... needs a beard
And you ..you-oo--oo ..... need a beard !


The next Gig should be a Beardlessness benefit gig. Beardlessness effects almost every family, but it's not often talked about.
I suggest you could Invite Sandra Kanck ..she may be afraid of extra publicity... not

- A cure for beardlessness has been found, but itís expensive: a testosterone injection

(I myself have started a campaign myself to inspect the the female population for lower beards and inject no effects yet, but not sure if it should be Administered orally better)

Major Right wing says :Rubbish some of those beardless you see begging, have their own big beards at home".

"-put them in the army I say ! The reason they don't have beards is too weak."
"Look all those people who experience hardship come out with beards", "Prisoners of war invariably come out with beards, " "Those hostages released come out with beards." "Explorers who set off to trek to the pole or sail around the world come back with beards look at Helen McArthur."

John : Nice beard ! - I have stated to replace such archaic sayings like : hello, good morning etc. with "nice beard". What if the person doesn't have a beard ? Well then you wouldn't want to greet them anyway would you ?

Claire : Secret Perversion in the home - people are getting up in the hours of darkness to sneak into their bathrooms for a quick shave.
Thank God you don't see this practice in public.
Apparently some rockstars and orher degenerates often have a quick shave before a gig nightout and then go -out as normal. What a bad example to young people !

List of famous people with beards : Poets, inventors and heroes ..on and on

List of famous people without beards : Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot,

The South Australia Cancer society says beard's help protect against Skin cancer
So get Grannie to knit you beard beanie - prosthetic beard almost indistinguishable from tne real thing.

The South Australia Minorities Office has asked people to be aware than some people might find the term "beardless", to be offensive so from now on the term Fizogly challenged should be used.

A UN Report has revealed Certain modern cults encourage ritual facial mutilation (otherwise known as shaving) and urges the practice to be stamped out.

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