PC448 Nepal : Education is the key to success ... NOT 11/1/09

It not Lots and Lots of Education that makes the difference

- between a developed nation it's the simple values ...

- why is Nepal so dirty, people are late, people don't help each other, they are unsafe, gullible, boring ? ..Well there has been a war going on .. so people have had other worries

People are not uneducated, nor stupid ..yet their actions may be "stupid"

- People keep saying "ah well it's not like your country, the people in Nepal are undeucated.. No the people in Nepal are very educated, look at all the schools and colleges

... The people are NOT stupid .. they are clearly not less intelligent than me ..look how almost everyone speaks 3 languages ..
- but they may behave stupid yet I see the most educated person drop garbage without thinking, adopt a superior attitude cos of his caste or cos he is a man, yet sometimes let people exploit him, keep putting off tasks, but sometimes drive like a maniac, yet still keep people waiting, cough and spit around everybody, delude himself cos he has false dreams,

- I argue that some people can get lots and lots of education and still remain stupid ..yet it is tiny fragments of understanding that can make all the difference ..

Simple Values which make a difference
1. Empathy Values

- Empathy - putting yourself in the position of the other person when thinking about your actions. i.e. The golden rule.
- Therefore respecting peoples time and not being late, driving carefully so not endangering others.
- equality - No caste sytem or thinking men are beter than women - understanding that is best to treat all people with respect whatever race or sex.. as we will all be strong at some point and then weak at others.

- appreciating what is like to be a woman and that every woman is your daughter, sister, wife or mother

- Us intead of just me Understanding the whole world and environment animals, rivers etc is your family.

Other Values

- Thinking you actions through instead of thinking only about the first step. e.g. "I have garbage, if I drop it here the I no longer have garbage."

- Not putting off - doing something as soon as you can do it

- Stick up for yourself and not let others exploit you. Knowing that it's OK to say "No", and respecting others when they say "No" even if you think you are higher status.

- honesty - I would say that Nepali culture generally has a lot of this.

- Understanding that you need good honest information to make good decisions
- to be skeptical and not to believe the first thing anyone tells you, particularly as many things turn out to be false dreams

- a feeling for mathematics .. I can't explain why most Nepali maths is so bad .. maybe the systems they each in the school are too complicated.

- not getting worried or angry - understanding that problems happen in life.
- science not superstition- a basic understanding of science helps you realise what is hygeine.

- not showing off - In richer countries it's not so important to dress nicely to show you are wealthy, the feeeling being, "what you do is more important than how you look"

Simple Values which make a difference

- So it's not loads of education it's knowing some simple values

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