PC445 The Clever UK Retirement Plan .. no We in the UK Rip Off the Nepalis more 11/1/09
We rip them off more
UK takes the big money and the best brains

- From- PC470t - On the bus was a bank manager travelling to work in a small town. He told me how he had visited Kent as he has one daughter studying forensics there and how she would get a good job in England (she already has a British passport somehow. ) .... and how he and his wife will go to retire in England..... And how his other daughter is studying to be a doctor and will also move abroad,

- Poor guy he has invested so much money in the dream of retiring abroad, but I am almost certain he will find himself living all his retirement in Nepal, because even if I married a woman from the developing world it would be difficult to get her a visa to visit the UK and so I think the days when immigrants could bring their parents into the UK as dependents are long gone. If they allowed him and his wife to live in the UK that would mean they could get 30 years of free healthcare and that would cost a fortune with the only money coming into the UK being the tax paid by his daughter. Yes, his daughter might be able as a professional worker to get UK residency. The UK will steal all the best workers from other countries. We will take the other daughter the doctor aswell, but then that leaves Nepal people without enough doctors or forensics experts.

Irony Nepalis leave for Money , Foreigners Volunteer

Irony - Nepalis leave for money and to help themselves - foreigners come to help the poor for no money (for feelgood factor of giving)- It's strange that I met a number of English doctors/experts who have come to help the people here by volunteering for 3 months or a year, but the Nepali doctors 30% of them leave on graduation. If the Nepali doctors stayed then there would be no need for foreign doctors.

- Not only that we have succeeded in brainwashing him to the dubious benefits of a British University a better education can be obtained twice as fast for half the cost elsewhere.

Double Rip-off

-Every day in Nepal I have to worry about maybe the restaurant is ripping me off for 30p of the bus for 50p, but ... The British system rips of the Nepalese guy in paying for tens of thousands of pounds for the education, then also rips of the Nepalese Economy for the best people ( braindrain)

- The bank manager will be OK,in all probability money will keep flowing out of Nepal which will help keep the Nepalese currency low. So when his daughter sends him money from the UK it will pay for an adequate retirement in the sunshine of Nepal instead of the rain and misery of the UK. Although he will have to suffer the problems of the Nepalese economy and politics like bad roads and powercuts.

The bigger opportunities are bigger in Nepal longterm

- I remember I met a Singaporean old man who had emigrated to the US 35 years ago for the first 20 years he could holiday with his dollars in Singapore like a rich man, but now he is poor in the US whilst his Singaporean relatives have more money than him.
- I would say to the doctor daughter that actually the possible opportunities in Nepal should be bigger that the UK. Buy a house in the UK for $300,000 and it will still be worth $300,000 in 20 years time, but a house or business which you buy in Nepal for $10,000 willl be worth $300,000 in 20 years time given stable politics.
- However I would have said that to a Korean and a Nepali 20 years ago and I would have been right for the Korean and completely wrong for the Nepali.

- The Nepalis pessimism in their own economy is a self fulfilling prophesy.
- This is of course linked to the other essay Easy jobs for Nepalis in the UK

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